Season 16 Round 8 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jun 29, 19:26 UTC(+00:00)

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Published by   Mr. Ske 🔥 at 2022-05-30 19:03 (4 weeks ago)

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How brutally brilliant the midfielder is, we all know. It is enough to look at the statistics.
What about Theo Theodoris as a man? I will try to outline it for you briefly...

Let's clear up first. The smile you see from the stands and on television is genuine. Theo comes to the locker room smiling every day.
Most often with a phone charger, which is then charged in the clinic. In recent years, he has been borrowing the charger from his younger teammates.
Another characteristic of him are football boots. It took each player a week or so to “trample” the new football boots, but Theo immediately put them on and did a full workout.
He even wore brand new shoes for the matches. Probably also because he played barefoot at a young age.

Theo was otherwise at least twice close to leaving the club. After the season 6, when the club relagated, he had an option in England, but turned it down in agreement with the club and family.
He already knew then that he wanted to stay in Torino. Outside of football, he is interested in many things, from the church, football school, restaurant and other businesses.
Maybe football used to suffer a bit because of that, but no big deal, Theo always does his part.

Coffee is Theo's passion. I can’t count how many coffees he drinks a day, especially before matches. As a result, he has a good digestion, which could be felt...if you understand me :)

Theo charmed people with his smile wherever he went. People adore him. Even opponents. He has heavy bones and muscles, which masseurs know well.
Although he always paid attention to his diet, which the public may not know, he was constantly struggling with weight.

Theo Theodoris is a legend of Turin. Not just now, for a long time. He is the ambassador of Juventus and an important member. He can help you when you need it most.
When you are tired and disappointed, when you should be on a sponsorship obligation or something like that. I see him as a club representative in the future.
Teodoris is a brand. His name can be found on beer and wine bottles, he has been a promoter and ambassador of many projects and events throughout all these years and will continue to do so in the future.

I don’t really know if you’re a better person or a better footballer. But I know that our paths will continue to cross, so I invite you to join me on the other side of the "bar" after your career is over.

What does other managers think of Theodoris?

Fathima once said: "With Teodoris in midfield everything is easier."
Midsomagnudittir: "Theodoris is really a world class player."
wintersb: "You have a good team, but Teodoris is something special."
Ghislain: "I am prepare to bid 450mil for him, just place him.."
Chika Fujiwara: "Theo is the best DM in history of F4."
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