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🏆 F4 news - Mid season15 analysis

Published by   Mr. Ske 🔥 at 2022-06-08 20:11 (2 weeks ago)

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Torino, 08.06.2022

Wellcome to another F4 official news. Although it was not originaly in the plan the review of mid season, we decided to look in all leagues and serve you some interesting view of what is going on in F4 world.

In most competitive league in England we are seeing Stefan Eleven on 1st spot with Gemini Bullets right behind for just one point. We see also a big progress for Braintree Town FC finding themselves on third spot.
The trophy race is still very open and for all three clubs yet non of them did not purchase any big name this season. Going forward we can see expected battle in relagation zone with one disappointment of current position of Hawarden Rangers. Big drop also for Wenger's Tigers as they fight in relagation zone despite being in Super cup last season.
Tug Wilson and Mario Azzopardi both scored 24 goals so far as they share 1st position in top goalscorer award. Can we expect the repetition of last season or will the Gemini Bullets take their revange and win the Premier league for their first time? Will Singer Joe find his way back to his wining tracks and most of all, are England teams strong enough to bring Champions league back home again?

EREDIVISIE (Netherlands)
After Ghislain 7 league wins we are entering in new era of Erdevisie league winners. Project Nomis is definitely took over the things in their hands with three consecutive wins and they still lead by 10 points this season. Very good personnel skills, potential young players and carefully selected players are the key for them, making them the biggest favourite also in Champions league. OLD BOYS are the surprise of this season finding them in 2nd place with Kattuk United on 3d. Sports fraud shooked also Netherlands with many teams disqualified but we still see a much bigger joy in two clubs...first one S4-GDH surprisingly on 8. spot and The Challengers that will most surely play in Super cup next season after 5 years from tookover.
Top transfer for now: Marco Beccari joined Project Nomis for $ 182,716,637 from Lazio.

SERIE A (Italy)
We could speak more of Serie A for sure but we will present to you the most important facts happening right now. Three year consecutive winers SS Lazio Sibiu manager decided the team need a rebuild so they opened rubics cube to other teams. On top of the league Juventus F.C. is having the best season so far with 8 points ahead from A.C. Bharat Milan Wings another very unpreddictable and rich club in F4 world. Juventus F.C. is looking over for the quadrupple this year what is very ambitious but also reachable goal. La Banda Bonnot is the surprise of the season on 4th place just behind Nightmare Shadows on 3d. SS Lazio Sibiu on the last spot looking forward into the future. Milan Challengers and Virtualdoria fighting their way to avoid relagation with Curva ferrovia surprisingly with only 13 pionts on their hand. Can Italian clubs surprise in Champions league and Super Cup this year having Donervon Heynckes and Theo Teodoris on their side? How will Lazio's manager spend all his money from all the sellings?

LIGUE 1 (France)
Finally we are seeing more competitive fight between two firce rivals in France. Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and Bits'n Pieces FC both same number of points with Union Omaha little behind them. Big loss in Mahi Germa stadium for Paris Saint-Germain F.C. in away match versus A.C. Bharat Milan Wings took their chances away as we still expect a French club on top of the throne. We must underline a great goalscorer this season Max Mulla from FCN scoring 44 goals in 18 matches. For us the best performer in France until now is Alejandro Codina. Will Paris Saint-Germain F.C. broke Bits'n Pieces FC streak this season or will Union Omaha win their first tittle?

In Bundesliga we are seeing a battle between Dragon Riders, Schleswig and Şövalyeler all with very real chances of wining the trophy. Interesting is that the fight between clubs is also for Champions leage spot including Deutsche Avahy, kawku 11 and St. Pauli. German Bundeslinga is definitely a very rising quality league with strong teams. Kopam Nos FC once a club with Super Cup history is the biggest dissapointment of the season strugguling not to relagate. What to say for Shafeeq Barry from Şövalyeler? 73 goals is insane record for now what makes him the best scorer in F4 so far.

Indo-Porto and Flusao having the fight again for the tittle with Great stars Fc far behind them. The biggest dissapointment of the season is definitely Toxic Siege F.C. probably relagating this year. Once a great club is now rebuilding their squad with young prospects. Will they succeede? In Champions league Portugal teams do not stand a chance this season, Super cup was lost in the group stages. When will end the era of Indo-Porto for what is almost oneway competition in not so interesting looking league for us at the moment?

LA LIGA (Spain)
What a season in Spain!! We are seeing a completly different season than the last one. Dandy Pirates on first place after a long time, but will they hold on as Leganés CF two points behind. Last year winers Madrid Utd in third place infront of Cassà de la Selva FC. La Liga had a lots of issues like Netherlands and Portugal finding a lot of scamming clubs what ruined the progress of the league. We still see new active users joing to Spain what could bring a lot of excitement in the future. Dimitar Pique of Dandy Pirates is most praised player so far having 65 goals in his book. That raises the question...who can stop him?

Out of respect for Ukraine in real life, we decided not to comment on the Russian League.
Our intention is NOT to create differences between people and mix sports and politics, but we just WANT PEACE in the world, which is the only thing WE BELIVE IN.
We hope that all participants UNDERSTAND the intention as well as Russian FRIENDS who do NOT want a war to continue!

Football is the most beautiful game in the world. It unites people and gives joy to all ... rich, poor, healthy, sick and I could go on and on.
Football is life and death. You live with him but few manage to become immortal.

I am saluting all managers of F4 and i wish you all best.

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