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🏆 F4 news - Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. "Serena Williams quote"

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Dubai 13.6.2022

What can we say about females as football managers?
Very few as there are not many...yet we still managed to give you an interesting interview of Fathima's point of view, ideas and many more.
We really enjoyed doing this interview and we look forward to keep a good relationship with her.

Here to goes...

Ske: Hi Fathima nice to have you here, lets go to the first question. How is like to be a female manager in F4? Any past experiences?
Fathima: From the gameplay perspective, being a girl or a man doesn't make a big difference. But it indeed influences the behaviour of other users towards you in the game community. Sometimes it is good, it is easier to make friends, people are less toxic towards you even in fights. But I have had bitter experiences too (not in f4, in some other games) where you were insulted for being a girl. Anyways I don't bother too much about what the attitude of others is towards me, I always try to be friendly and helpful to people, even those who don't like me. I also had a funny incident in another online football manager game where one guy was extremely toxic towards me. He always used to intentionally try to create fights and drive discussions into heated debates in the forums. Until one day to my surprise, he sent a message to me apologizing for all that, saying he always thought I was a fake account disguising myself as a girl when I was not. He had just seen my comment on the game's facebook page when he actually realized I was indeed a girl. Today we are good friends on facebook.

Ske: What are your expectations for next season?
Fathima: Our team The Challengers are on track to secure a Super Cup spot for the second consecutive season. The team finances are super solid now and I feel the team can start developing it's own players going forward since we already have a decent enough training centre. The immediate expectations are to push for higher positions in the league table and to imrpove the squad further to help achieveing that. Three players might announce their retirement next season, two of them are key to the team. But we already have replacements ready so that won't affect the squad too much. The long term goals are of course to challenge for the league title and start winning silverware, but there is still a lot more work to do to reach there. We are still a new team just 5 seasons old and it would be just foolish to even think of beating the current top teams in the game at this point.

Ske: How was it managing Asad el Humar?
Fathima: I was one of the first managers to start playing this game. One of my friends (in another game that I play) introduced me to f4, he was a friend of the developer of this game. So I took part in the test run too for about two months before the game was launched. The game was too easy in the first couple of seasons but boring at the same time, we didnt have much comeptition. Most of the top division teams were bots. And the game didn't have this many restrictions. I still played seriously but unfortunately I started in Netherlands where I had to compete with some really good managers like Ghislain, Lima and Leon. Asad el Humar was constantly challenging for the league title, finsihed runners up quite a few times but never able to win the Netherlands league. We also won the League Cup and National Trophy a few times. Our best performance was in Season 6 where the team won both the National Trophy and the League Cup, and lost a Champions Cup final in extra time to Anzar FC. We also fought till the last game in the league that season but lost out on the title by just 1 point. F4football has evolved a lot since those times, the whole system of loans, custom matches etc had complete overhauls, the match engine had a big update, so the game is not the same as when it was launched. I personally feel it is much more balanced now. I remember it was the time during the loan system update when this whole discussion about gameplay suddenly burst out. A lot of new managers were complaining that the game was too tough and almost impossible for new teams to compete with established teams. I was trying to explain in the forums on how to play this game properly to succeed but then the argument came about that I was successful just because I started in Season 1. That was the turning point when I started to do this experiment of starting from scratch again and decided to resign from Asad el Humar.

Ske: Brnaba Nakamura is performing very well...describe your relationship with the player and tell us more of him.
Fathima: I like my team to play with a lone striker and Nakamura is the spearhead of all attacks. He came into the squad at the age of 27 to replace the then retiring CF and after spending a season on loan he walked straight into the first team. Since then he has been the top scorer for the team every season and was key in helping us get promoted and stay afloat in the top division. This season he achieved his personal milestone of scoring 100 goals for the club and is very close to the 250 career goals land mark. Nakamura is a very ambitious player. He trains really hard and motivates the youngsters extremely well.That is how top players are, they always want to improve themselves and those around them.They want to be successful in everything. When I asked him "do you feel you are overworked by playing every game since we do not have a proper backup striker", his reply was "No, no why? Do I look tired?". These players are always in a tunnel, they just want to play, play and play. But you have to take care of your players, and I feel we might need to sign another striker sooner enough as Nakamura is not getting any younger.

Ske: What positions you will look to strenghten your team in the future?
Fathima: We have a few players in their final years of their career. Our CB Reagan Randall and WM Rajab Carcelen might announce their retirements next season. Paolo Henly will cover for the CB position but we do not have cover for the winger. So we need to sign a WM or WF this or the next season. Even an AM would do good to replace him since for our defensive style of play, width doesn't matter really much. Other players who might decide to retire next season are our DM Al Sumereel and AM Flynn Haley. But both those players already have replacements in the first team and are used only as backup players now. We also signed an amazing GK prospect in Gerard Munaf last season who will be ready for the first team in a couple more seasons on loan by the time our current first team GK retires. The club's policy is to sign any good players available on the transfer market listed at a reasonable price. So our transfer ideas might not be just limited to the positionsI mentioned above. If we feel that a player is good enough to play for The Challengers and is available for a decent amount of money then surely expect a bid from us.

Ske: Let's talk about your blog...what you think it bringed to new managers?
Fathima: As I hinted already, I started off with this experiment of taking charge of a new team in Season 10. I wanted to document how I managed that team, what steps I took in developing the squad and finances, and what results I achieved. That was the only intention when I started writing that blog. The sole goal was to prove that any new user can get to the level of those that started in Season 1 if they play the game properly. But when I started writing it, I felt that i could do it in a way that it would be helpful for new users to understand the basic concepts of this game. So instead of focusing on what I did, I mostly tried to explain my reasoning behind each of my decisions and what I was trying to achieve with those. To be honest I was a bit cramped for time towards the last few seasons and hence couldn't dedicate enough time to write the blog too detailed, but the initial episodes of that blog series would definitely give a good head start to new teams in the right direction. And as I always say, there are many ways to successfully play this game, and the path I followed is just one of those. So you definitely can be successful by taking a totally different route than mine, but there are two basic principles that you should adhere to - and those are to plan your finances wisely, and to plan your squad carefully.

Ske: What inspired you in real life you becamed online football manager fanatic?
Fathima: I started following football at the age of 7 or 8 (in the mid 2000s). My papa was a die hard Arsenal fan, but I fell in love with the famous Rooney Ronaldo Tevez trio during their era at Man United. My papa used to play Football Manager on his laptop and that's the first game of this genre that I got introduced to. I used to play only games in that series until I got my own PC when I was 13. Then I started playing online football manager games but I like simple to play games like f4 even though there are lot deeper and complex games available.

Ske: In just 5 seasons you will compete at least in Super Cup. What is your message to all new managers in the game?
Fathima: The message is simple and straight forward: 1. If you play properly, you can definitely become a top team and compete with the teams that started in Season 1. The gap between an old team and a new team is the difference in their levels of facilities, so build them up and slowly improve your squad and finances while you are doing it. 2. This game cannot give you success overnight. Be patient and work on your goals in the long term. Visualize where you want to be in 4-5 seasons and plan accordingly. If you try to win trophies immediately after you joined, your team wont last more than a few seasons.

Ske: Who was your favourite player you ever worked with in F4?
Fathima: Since I prefer a defensive / counter attacking style of play, WBs have always been the key players in my teams. At Asad el Humar, Dilan De Silva was a player that executed that role successfully. At The Challengers, we have Radhi Howe who already has 20 assists and 7 goals in just 5 seasons. But the best player I have ever worked with is an AM Ulises Allardyce who served Asad el Humar for 7 seasons until he finally retired at the age of 37.

Ske: What you think it can be done to attract more users in F4 world?
Fathima: Social media is the key to spreading the word these times. I think the social media pages of f4 needs to find more reach and should be taken more seriously by the developers. Also tthe game's user interface needs a big revamp, the game is great and extremely enjoyable but "first impression is the best impression" and new users need to stay here and play atleast until they know what the game is like. I know the developers have plans for a user interface update but they need to speeden things up more. Existing managers can also play a vital role in bringing new users in. For example, say about the game in relevant contexts in football groups of facebook etc. These kind of things are much more valuable than advertising, and since f4 is not a commercial game I doubt the developers are going to spend anything for marketing purposes.

Ske: You think on managing in other countries too?
Fathima: Personally I don't see any difference in playing in a different country, although some countries have tougher competition than others. But you never know what could happen in future, and I am a person who likes to take up challenges, so may be..

Ske: Last question..Who you think will win Champions league and who Super cup?
Fathima: Last season's finalists Stefan Eleven FC and Project Nomis are strong contenders for the Champions Cup this season too. I personally would like to see a Netherlands team win the prestigious trophy but all the teams in both the competitions have the quality to win it. My predictions are Project Nomis to win the Champions Cup and Juventus FC to win the Super Cup.

With this special from sunny Dubai I am sending you all best regards until next time...

Mr. Ske
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