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🏆 F4 news - Can we see a change?

Published by   Mr. Ske 🔥 at 2022-08-26 15:54 (1 month ago)

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Hello forum and readers of F4 news.

My today blog is something unusual than all the others. I will be talking of many things that in my oppinion should be changed better must be added into the game to make it more interesting and real.
Like i've said before I was very excited for this game as at the begining of my jurney has been showing a great potential, so great that i was solo promoting the game via Youtube, other manager games and more sites.
Some of them even banned me becouse of spamming and talking of F4 like the best game ever.....but things changed...i lost my passion for the game, maybe even interest, i considered quiting.
Why is that?? Let me explain for you step by step...

The experience impact is so strong that the game itself forces you to use same players for all 65-75games per season so you can gain enough EXP to be competitive. EXP impact to the game is so strong that you need to send your youths on loan at the age of 18,19 (if you get lucky to loan them out) so they can gain EXP and you can maybe play or sell them at the age of 24,25? It is ridicolous that for some users this is kinda normal and playable but in the reality it is very frustrating that you have the player 20y old with 5 learning, main stats +70 but 30EXP, you play him whole season and he scores 2 maybe 3 goals. But hey! You got a 35y old AM with 55 max in all stats and he plays extrordinary with his 80 EXP..hack.. he's the best player of your team scoring 60goals in whole season. Damn what a nice game this is....Can we see a change? I dont think so...but many managers will leave becouse of that.

I am Football manager fanatic since day i remember...playing many online games and even coaching one local youth team in my city. I cannot immagine that i put my 6x lads on wings and expect i draw or win...for god sakes...the oposition team would smash us 21-0 minimum with 95% ball possesion in midfield. Or immagine i play without wings....i think the parents would kill me after the game becouse their child would die in the hospital as he needed to run whole 90minutes like crazy to get the ball or just to clear the ball out of play....of course we would lost the game. What I am trying to say? Unreal tactics should not be considered in this game or having a advantage at all..!!!
My team has let's say 77raing and 77exp at begining of the game and i play vs 50rating team with tactics are 0x defenders - 5x midfielders - 5x attackers we still win the game easy 7-0 but in reality the oposition attackers would have an easy job scoring goals if i dont have any defender right?? I hope admins are looking forward to this as it is really making me mad and i am not the only one...! You are loosing users and you know it ;)

That needs to be nerfed like i said many times. a player with 70 potential should NEVER exceede 5-10% of the main skill he's training !! NEVER
What is the point of having 99 player potential when he will never reach it?? Why is better having 64potential with 5learning than 80potential and 4learning????!!!!!
@ADMINS change this asap, as it is very unreal and i have explained a lot of times that this needs to be very easy to change.

Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Marcelo, Salgado, Thuram etc... you name your favourite WB, LB/RB and ask yourself did he ever scored a goal? Was he ever the best player in the game? You know the answer....the problem in this game is that wb's play in your formation but they got average rating of 66 at maximum at the end of season. They do not score goals and they do not assist as much right? Thank you game engine, I am considering now selling my probably best WB's in the game and play only with 3 CB's or maybe 4 CB's all in the middle as the tactics allow it.

Not hard to implement to the game. This is a must ASAP. Many users would like to sort out many things (Biggest value, player age, wage..and so on)

I would like to see how my team was playing in season 4 when we won the league!! Why I am not able to see the history and the games so i am able to see my progress? there was no history...from dust to dust....zzzZZZzzz

Money, money, money....There should never be that kind of money in the game...but this is another story I am not a finantial expert, I don't even know what inflation is (just kidding, finantial university finished).
Can we expect a finantial colapse or many, many and many more clubs that are biding€ for a player in the future? words needed....moving on

"We are all the same" - so not true and so not real....I came here in F4 and i think i learned more about the flags and countries in 3month time that in whole life...countries that maybe even do not exists but hey! My best player is from Mongolia. Common people this is getting boring.. ok make all this countries but for f**k sakes make common names of players...and make like this that the user don't change the is (sorry for this) retarded to see Lionel Messi in 4x clubs. If you don't change this make at least a possibility when a new youth is discovered a % of possibility that comes from the country i play. I do not have a single Italian player????

Do it please..!! You don't need any document and licence to be confirmed...all other online manager sites have this.

With that "big" active users database I am sure that we do not need any third division.

Niceeeee...i won the Italian National cup for third time in a row.....wait what???my player was not the best???wait what??even my GK was not the best but he did not concede? Instead the 2.1. club won a majority of the awards and they played two games?? you know this is not right and this needs to be changed. I got the solution...Users can vote for best players awards at the end of competition and choose between best 5players playing in finals or something. So we can have a clear picture of whose players was the best that is not hard to implement and you know it!!

Under Top rated teams we could have average age, average wage, team value etc...many things missing there.
Under Top rated managers...ahh where to begin...why can a manager on 1st place have 99.99 rating and 200 placed manager have 98.00? i mean it does not make any sense.
Under Most succesful managers...this should be written totally diferently - Points for playing in Continental competition...let me can i be worst with 12 trophies than a player with 6???? and what the hack are all those cheaters and innactive managers doing on the list (Anzar, Lima and so on...) Change the system or shut it down as it is dumb.... conclusion - i gave the game 3,4 months time to change and then i will see if i will be playing the game....the problem most of all don't see is that if no new users the game will die eventually. or the game will have 150 active users playing themselves with all facilities finished and more than 8971760175 $ on bank account. IS THIS REAL? IS THIS FOOTBALL MANAGER..MANAGEING? Don't my oppinion is not

Long live free speach

Mr. Ske
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