Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 04:22 UTC(+00:00)
Remove Potential and Learning from the game
2021-11-17 06:55
These attributes are given to players randomly, we do not have any control over these. So remove these attributes. Players high in these get to higher rating faster and smaller teams have no chance in closing the gap. Atleast in the case of xp, we control how they gain xp, but potential and learning we cannot change :)
2021-11-17 07:10
I am sure you didn't make this thread because you wanted Potential and Learning to be removed. Dragging other users into heated debates, enraging other users and making them feel uncomfortable is not healthy for the community in the game. So such actions are discouraged and will be strictly be dealt with if necessary. So I hope you refrain from such things in the future, especially since you are one of the first ones to start playing this game and we expect more maturity from you. Hope you understand.
Alex Shapov
2021-11-17 12:13
Potential and learning shouldn't be removed from the game in my opinion. But it would be better if they were hidden somehow. As of now I can't see a reason to buy a player with low potential or learning.
2021-11-17 13:02
why remove when you want the buy a player you scout him and when its good pot and lear you buy him
when its bad you look for another
2021-11-17 14:02
By removing potential and learning, I'm going to assume that it would not be available when producing a scout report. A pro I see is that it gives a benefit to players who invest more time observing their players and seeing what their learning and potentiality could be. Then again, does it really add to the playing experience when it starts to get more meticulous and tedious?

At the moment, unfortunately I would say it's a poor idea, but maybe it needs more fleshing out.