For those who think that the end of the season is boring I suggest to create a friendly cup where the top teams from all 8 countries could compete for their respective league.
I propose the following system: top 10 teams from each country take part. The matches between leagues are resolved as follows. For example, England plays versus France. Then the champion of England plays the champion of France, the second place team from England plays the second team from France etc. Let's say that England teams won 5 games, France teams won 3 games and there were 2 draws. In that case England won the match against France with the score 6-4 (if the draw counts as 0.5 points) or 5-3 (if the draws are not counted).
After every country played every country once (7 rounds) we would know the name of the strongest league in the game.
This is just a rough idea of course, and I wonder what others think about it.