Season 17 Round 31 / 60
Game Time 2022 Aug 12, 00:09 UTC(+00:00)
Club Blurb
2021-12-14 04:30 Edited by 元気 at 2021-12-14 04:35
What do you all think about having your own personal club blurb that you could customize and make your own? Maybe somewhere on the club home page, users can have their own personal blurb that they can customize to show off to other users. Use it as a personal space to give you and your club a more personal touch to it: who are you? I think it would be a really nice addition, as I'd love to see what other users have to say about their teams and how they view the game. In my view, I was thinking about using it as a welcome page, a trophy room, a Hall of Fame for my players, and anything else in general. In terms of implementation and customization, I think it can be done in HTML code which is relatively simple to do and easy to implement in this site (considering the forums and blogs are in that format I think).

If not this, I think it would be worth considering having a general home page for clubs. Right now, the club link sends you to a spreadsheet of their players, which can get a little monotonous I think. Having a club blurb (and if not, a club public home page in general) would allow things to look more friendly and interesting. Having a picture of their stadium, maybe star players of that team, recent blog posts, and other little tidbits that if you wished to learn more about, you could click on the other tabs and look for more there.

Anyways, let me know what you all think. Cheers as always :)
2021-12-14 08:31
I agree, something that you can customize like a club profile.

Trophy room and Hall of Fame were suggested before and Tegimus agreed to make them, may be he has too much on his plate at the moment. But the speed of development of new things has been great so far and I am soon this will be implemented soon too ;)
Chika Fujiwara
2021-12-29 01:57
Is a Good idea, I would really like this