Season 16 Round 8 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jun 29, 19:39 UTC(+00:00)
blog images
2022-05-17 07:58
If someone can tell me how to do markup for blogs, including dealing with images, that'd be great.
2022-05-17 08:50
Upload an image to a third party image upload service (like imgbb, imgur etc.). Then copy the link to your image on that website and paste it in between img and /img tags in your blog (enclose img and /img in square brackets [], excluded here as they will convert automatically if i include them in this reply ;)
2022-05-17 10:45
Not working. Does F4 really demand jpg?
2022-05-17 10:56
Jpegs are also not working.
2022-05-17 10:56
You can check my links to see the image. F4 seems to have some problem here.
2022-05-17 11:08
The link is not actually an image but the link to a google drive location which contains the image. If it is an image openable from a browser directly, it should work.

Try to quote my post and you can see how exactly the tags should be written for it to work.