Season 16 Round 8 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jun 29, 19:11 UTC(+00:00)
*** Loan Club 3.0 ***
2022-06-18 04:00 Edited by GrafBelisarius at 2022-06-18 07:35
As Chax is retiring from this, I’ll run the Loan Club for Season 16. The purpose is to make it simple and painless for owners to make one or two loans for their players to get XP, without giving them explicit playing time. Players put on the list are guaranteed to be loaned out, whatever their qualifications. (Preferences will no longer be gathered or attended to.)

The rules are as before, with a few variations:


Season 15
R50-58: post player urls for one or two players whom you want to loan next season (NB: their values must be ⇐ 100M; more expensive players can be loaned on the open market).
R59: I’ll randomly assign players to owners for loans, except for changes required to meet F4 loan rules.
R60: Loan assignments will be posted in this thread.

Season 16
Pre-season: Place a minimum bid on your assigned player(s). If someone outbids you, or has placed a bid in ahead of you, you need not make any further bid.
R50-60: End the loan; you may keep your player for the post-season if you wish.

Keep your assigned players for at least the first 50 rounds.
Either don’t play your loanee or ensure you have a 90+ Physio for any matches that you do.
2022-06-18 04:02
So, for my part, I'm loaning out:
GK Jonas Thiel:
2022-06-18 06:54
I have 2 loan spaces free and 2 players that I would like to loan out.

18 year old GK Magnum Manus
17 year old WF Dave-aldo
2022-06-18 12:17
2 Players from me:

Salva Portigio GK

Fifi Guyano WF
2022-06-18 16:09
Only 1 slot - CB: Ali Sharif Al Emadi (
2022-06-18 18:40
Only 1 player from me.
Kiki Payne DM
2022-06-19 16:05
i have a player to put in the pot Robbie Figueiras CF
2022-06-19 16:50
For me 1 player
CF Andreas Cornelius
2022-06-20 03:48
I have 2 player


2022-06-20 07:22 Edited by Yvon at 2022-06-22 15:30
2 players out for me GK WF
2022-06-21 13:11
i have 2 players


2022-06-22 17:32 Edited by 元気 at 2022-06-23 19:40
MF - Ebou Dibba -
FW - Emilio Ventura - (not participating)
2022-06-23 01:06
Thanks, everyone. I'll post loan assignments within 12 hours.
2022-06-23 07:03 Edited by GrafBelisarius at 2022-06-23 07:22
OK. I've set up three chains of loan trades. Six players are in violation of the $100M value rule (see initial post). I put that rule in because this Club is meant for beginning users, who may not have the money to spare for such loanees. However, it was easy to create two extra chains for the more expensive players only, so that anyone loaning out a 100+ player would get back the same. Perhaps next year, the Club can be run in two categories explicitly. Anyway, everyone should be happy enough. You all get your low XP players loaned out. Here are the details:

Owner Player Name Link Value M$ Destination Team
Braintree Town FC Robbie Figueiras CF  93.9 WSU Cougars
WSU Cougars CF Nicola Scapuzzi 82 AFC Beddingham
AFC Beddingham WF Dave-aldo 70 Trikala 1963 FC
Trikala 1963 FC WF Javed Anwar 86.8 WSU Cougars
WSU Cougars CB Nadir Islam 65.2  Real Stars
 Real Stars Kiki Payne DM 83.9 Der Neue Widerstand
Der Neue Widerstand GK Jonas Thiel 63 AFC Beddingham
AFC Beddingham GK Magnum Manus 73 Punk Fathers FC
Punk Fathers FC Salva Portigio GK 97 Trikala 1963 FC
Trikala 1963 FC GK Kevin Miera 79 SVZ
SVZ CF Andreas Cornelius 70.3 Braintree Town FC

(Edited to exclude >100M players)
2022-06-23 07:07
Sorry, the >100M player trades weren't right. I'll either fix it or simply exclude them.
2022-06-23 07:19
There's no path that will accommodate all six of these trades:

Punk Fathers FC Fifi Guyano WF 117
Algaria FC CB: Ali Sharif Al Emadi 100.1
St mich Rockets Barrio Tamudo  119.8
St mich Rockets Jason Moock  120.6
Union Omaha MF - Ebou Dibba 100.3
Union Omaha FW - Emilio Ventura 110.4

It would be easy to accommodate five; one of the double traders would need to drop one player. Or, as I suggested in the initial post, you just try your luck on the open market. If you want a list of trades with one of St Mich or Union Omaha's dropped, I'm happy to do that.
2022-06-23 08:25 Edited by Yvon at 2022-06-23 08:28
Oh sorry didn’t understood well. Could propose sole weaker players but probably too late ? GK dm
2022-06-23 08:38
Good work Grafbelisarius
2022-06-23 08:54
I'm in with one player.
2022-06-23 09:02