Season 19 Round 6 / 60
Game Time 2022 Oct 02, 13:43 UTC(+00:00)
F4 Oddities
Mr. Ske 🔥
2022-07-31 11:36
Don-x wrote :
You are 3months old in the game, i feel your pain, i once lost to a 13 rated bot team on a final the ME have been updated since then.
I would suggest you stick around and hope for the next engine update.
Theres no perfect online simulation game thats totally free to play anyway.

There are many free to play manager games that are better than this one.

By truth i stick to this game only to prove my point of facilities and long term non active users joining shall see and is already happening users leaving the game like i said ;)
2022-07-31 12:28
What's so ever if the game do some cleaning again most users are 2nd teams, selling its best yth or bidding for main acct, disapear after this.
Chika Fujiwara
2022-07-31 12:54
I Will Not Leave, I'm satisfied With Current Game, But A few changes would be great, To avoid. People Leaving