Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 05:04 UTC(+00:00)
Man Utd vs AC Milan
2021-03-18 16:53
There were no threads in this section so I thought I would start one :)

What do you think of today's Europa match between the once great teams? Will Milan be able to hang on to their away goal advantage, or will Utd once again pull off the unexpected?

What are your score predictions? I think it will be 1-1 again and United will edge it in extra time.
2021-03-18 18:37
A Man Utd fan myself, so I seriously hope United wins 😁
2021-03-18 19:16
I am no fan of either team so I can openly comment. The game is still wide open and can go either way. But I think Milan will pass the round.
2021-03-19 02:53
Manchester prevailed, Pogba saves the day haha
2021-03-19 03:07
Yeah. And Spurs destroyed!