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The New Manager Experiment - Conclusion

Published by   Fathima at 2022-05-20 14:39 (2 years ago)

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I decided to make this the last episode on my "The New Manager Experiment" blog series. I will soon do another write up as a beginner's guide listing my experiences on starting up with a new club in f4football, and the recommended approach for new users to develop their club in the best way when starting fresh.

So finally after 5 seasons, my club The Challengers managed to qualify for an international competition. We performed above all expectations this season and finished 7th in the Netherlands division 1 league table and thereby secured a spot in the Super Cup for next season.
We expect the club to continue development and put up a serious challenge in the Super Cup next season, and at the same time establish ourselves as a top team in Netherlands challenging for the top 4 spot.

This was the challenge that I undertook when I started up with a new club in Season 9.
At the end of 9 seasons (which is end of Season 18), I should have a team that can still challenge for the Champions Cup title which is considered to be the ultimate prize in this game.
And also pick up a couple of other trophies on the way (by the way I have only won 2 trophies in my time here, and finished 2nd in league a few times and runner up in the champions cup once)

So half way through, we are well on track and in 5 more seasons, we should be a force to reckon in the Champions Cup if we continue to progress at the same rate. But due to lack of time, I decided to wrap up this blog series and write my conclusion episode early.

As I said before, the gap is not that big between teams that started in Season 1 and a new team starting fresh. Of course new teams will have to spend a few seasons developing their stadium and infrastructure, and improving their squad gradually, so it will take time to be on par with the established clubs in that sense. But if carefully planned and executed, it is not impossible as some users had complained (which pushed me to try out this challenge in the first place). I had the experience of playing the game for 9 seasons to do this successfully, but a new user will need plenty of guidance to decide what is good or bad for their team. So I am planning to focus more on writing up such guides instead of continuing to write the boring story of how my team performed every season :D

And as a summary, this is what The Challengers have after 5 seasons of me in charge (end of Season 14):
Stadium 38K
Youth Academy Level 3
Training Centre Level 9
Bank Balance in excess of $ 250 million (after all expected spending on players at end of season)
A deep enough squad of 26 players
A squad average rating of 55.67 with an average xp of 72.5

What we expect after 10 seasons (end of Season 19):
Stadium above 50K
Youth Academy above Level 5 (to have a chance to get a 17 yr old every season)
Training Centre above Level 15
A few levels of Fan Shop and Media Office
A solid revenue stream to have excess money for big money transfers every season.
A squad average of 75 rating and 75 xp.

So that's it! I will be back with a brand new blog topic next time. Hope you enjoyed (got bored :D) reading updates about my experiement!
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