Season 38 Round 36 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jun 16, 18:14 UTC(+00:00)


Users registered on the F4Football game are advised to strictly follow the rules and regulations as described below. Any violations may lead to strict action including warnings, account bans, removal of your account or even IP bans from the website.

User Accounts

User accounts are regarded as strictly personal, each account is assumed to be operated by one person only to which the account is linked to. Login information for your account may not be sold or given to any other person including family or friends.

You are allowed to create only one account in the game. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited to prevent cheating, and all involved accounts may be deleted without prior notice if we find that you are logging into the website from multiple accounts. If you accidentally come in possession of login information for any other account, or suspect that your account details have been compromised, please report to F4Football support immediately. You are also encouraged to report any suspicious multiple account activity from other users, to help us keep a fair playing environment for all our users.

If you are playing from a shared computer or the same IP address, please let us know of this beforehand so that we might grant the accounts involved an exclusion from the above rule. However we can still find out if these accounts are handled by the same user or not by general access patterns and behaviour, so you are advised not to misuse this option. Also it is strictly forbidden to carry out any team interactions like player loans or transfers between these accounts.

Community Ethics

Every user should behave ethically within the game community. You are not allowed to use rude, improper or provoking language in the chat or forums, or create problems for other users through spamming of chat messages or forum posts. You may not create or upload any content which is deemed unsuitable for any other user, including pornographic images for teams, players etc., provoking or irritating team or player names, or any other text or image which is visible to other users of the game.

You should not use the forums or chat to target specific users, to shame them or accuse them of cheating etc., to provoke them into heated discussions, or any sort of discussions that might make the game environment toxic. If you have any issues or disagreements with any other user, or you are suspicious that another user is cheating, you should bring it to the admins or moderators in private, and leave it to them for further actions if needed. Discussing about it in public will be considered as a breach of community rules and will be treated as a severe offense.

User is responsible for any such content, whatever motive might be behind it. Decision of whether a particular content is improper or not is at the sole discretion of F4Football admins or moderators, and any violation may be dealt with severe punishments including account deletion in extreme cases.


You may not advertise any products or services using any means of communication available in the game without prior consent from us. It includes any text or image created or uploaded by you that is visible to other users.

Game Manipulation

Any attempts to manipulate any functions of the game such as placing artificially high transfer bids to move money between teams, match fixing and not playing to the best of your team's interests etc. are strictly forbidden and may result in account deletion. These are necessary to have a fair platform for all our users. If you are unsure of any activity, please contact our support team for clarifications before involving in such.

You are not allowed to make use of any loopholes or bugs in the game, and is instead requested to immediately report it. Using game bugs in your favour, or taking advantage of loopholes will be considered as a violation of the game rules.

Any questions about these rules can be raised to us through the in-game Support ticket system or by email for further clarification. Please write to us at