Season 38 Round 36 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jun 16, 18:53 UTC(+00:00)


F4Football Paid Services

F4football is a free to play game. However, we offer our users to use some cosmetic and convenience features by purchasing coins. These coins can then be used for payment for an F4Football Plus membership or activate/use certain in-game features.

Payee Information

F4Football receives payments through third party payment gateways and do not get access to or store any information about the payee or the payment methods used.

We assume that any payments made on the website are done by owners of the respective credit/debit cards or banking/payment accounts used for the transaction, or people authorised to make such payments. Please make sure you protect all your confidential information and never give it out to anyone on the internet knowingly or unknowingly. We are not responsible for any unauthorized payment made on your behalf.

Validity and Refund

The coins purchased through F4Football are bound to the respective user accounts for which they were acquired from, and are valid until and only until the respective user account exists. Purchased coins can be transferred from one user account to another, which then becomes bound to the account which they were transferred to. In case a user account gets banned due to a breach of the Terms & Conditions or Game Rules, the coins bound to that respective user account cannot be used or transferred to another account until the ban is removed.

F4Football reserves the right to modify, update or even completely remove any characteristics or features of the game at any time. The users shall be appropriately informed on these changes. No additional costs shall be incurred to the user as a result of such changes, and F4Football are not liable to refund the users the coins spent to acquire any features that were changed or removed after they were acquired.

Coins once purchased from F4Football cannot be returned and no refund will be applicable on purchases of coins. We provide our users with free coins when they create an account within the game, and the users can get a feel of the paid features using these free coins. Purchasing additional coins are at the user’s own discretion and only if they are satisfied with what they get for it.

F4Football reserves the right to discontinue the operation of the game or individual user accounts at any time without giving specific reasons. However we will announce the discontinuation of the operation of the game in advance with a reasonable period of notice. In case of banned accounts, the users can still contact our Support Team through the Support Centre or through email at to know the reason for banning and try to resolve it, but the final decision whether to revoke the ban or not lies solely at the discretion of game administrators.

Outward Payments

F4Football does not offer any payments to its users for winnings in the game. The coins purchased through the game are completely virtual and are valid only inside the game. These coins cannot be used to deem any goods or services outside of the virtual gameworld in F4Football.

Disputes and Legal Resolution

F4Football is a property of and a game operated by Tegimus Infotech based at Kerala, India. Any legal disputes arising in relation to payments through the game shall be deemed to have arisen in the state of Kerala in India, and shall be resolved only under the legal jurisdiction of courts in Kerala.