Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 09:35 UTC(+00:00)


F4Football is an online multiplayer football manager game where you test your football management skills against real human players from all over the world. You build and develop your team from scratch, slowly build your club infrastructure, improve your playing squad and compete for the biggest trophies in a virtual footballing game world. You are in charge of everything at your club, from hiring coaches and other staff, training your players, trying to get a bargain in the transfer market, and managing your club’s finances and facilities.

Your Own Club

Once you register, you can take charge of a club and start managing it. You are the ultimate word at your club; you decide the simple details like team name or logo, or the most complicated strategical decisions to take your club’s finances or playing squad forward. It’s your own team, and you are responsible for it!

Game Progression

Seasons are very short in F4Football. There are two rounds every day meaning one round has a duration of 12 hours. Each season has a fixed number of rounds where there is plenty of action taking place!

League Structure And Competitions

The virtual gameworld in F4Football is divided into Countries with a hierarchical league structure. Your team will play in one of the leagues and you fight to take your team to the top division by climbing up the hierarchy gradually as you develop your team.

Apart from the league, there are other competitions - some where teams from your own country take part in, and some where you are pitted against teams from other countries. You can even create your own custom competitions or friendlies to try your skills against your friends in the game!

The ultimate goal is to build a great team and maintain it, accumulating trophies and establishing yourself as an unbeatable force.

Matches and Tactics

All matches in F4Football are simulated using our very realistic match engine. You cannot manage your matches live, but you select your lineup, tactics and player instructions beforehand. Even tactical changes can be made during a match using pre-defined settings designed to address most conditions arising during a match.

Ranking Ladders

F4Football has an in-game ranking system where you can see the best managers or teams in the game. Who does not want to show off as the best manager in the game?


We boast of an active community of users where they interact with each other through forums or the chat system. Our support team responds to our users in a very short span of time, trying to address problems or issues if any at the earliest. And to add, we do listen to our users regarding improvements to the game and sometimes reward them too for their suggestions!