Season 32 Round 35 / 60
Game Time 2023 Dec 07, 03:41 UTC(+00:00)

Division 1 Here We Come

Published by   Rhino909 at 2022-05-22 09:59 (1 year ago)

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The 3-year slog in Division 2.4 in England finally paid off, as Algaria FC's patience was rewarded with a promotion play-off victory. After consecutive 5th placed finishes in Div 2.4 and heartbreaking back-to-back final losses in the League Cup, Algarian fans had reason to rejoice as they will see first division action next season.

In an amazing stroke of tactical brilliance or extreme luck, Algaria FC prevailed through each round of the playoffs without recording a single regular time win. 2 draws with First Boxers gave them a win on away goals rule. A penalty shootout win against Kris AFC, and then another penalty shootout win against Cool Football Club.

All fans will have an offseason filled with joy and nervousness as they all remember the disaster of Season 11 when Algaria FC was relegated in last position from Division 1 with only 9 points ( Supporters will be eager that the management avoids a similar fate next season.

There is reason to be hopeful that the impossible will happen again next season, however. Management has laid a good infrastructure for the club, with the stadium increasing 10K seats since season 11 along with a level 15 training facility and level 5 youth academy.

As a sign of better things to come, the club has added Salamon Kalou from world-beaters Feyenoord Rotterdam for 65m who will be sure to bring class, experience, and an eye for magic on the right flank.

In addition, top youth prospects - Marians Pahars, Andleeb Abbas, Mustafa Jabbar, Asad Qaiser, Yemane Gebreab, and Victorien Adebayor - are progressing excellently but need more experience if they are to break through to the first team. The club's man of the season was a tough competition between leading goalscorer Moses Blah and breakthrough player Salou Djibo, who just edged it with his fearsome 9 goals and 33 assists.

Asked about his goals and plans for next season, Algaria FC manager said they would be looking for a top-class WB to compete against Ada and Wuz. He also said that staying in Division 1 was the ONLY priority.
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