Season 32 Round 35 / 60
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Morrison Heads to France

Published by   Luke Morrison at 2022-06-09 09:42 (1 year ago)

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After weeks of torturing myself I came to my senses. It was never going to work for me England the challenge is enormous to dethrone the giants and with so many waiting in the wings also, I’ve came to the conclusion that I would rather take a bullet to the head then a slow painful death. What I mean by that is I could be trying for years and years to get to the top and never achieve it.

Since joining the french league I’ve had several messages from other managers welcoming me and I really feel it’s competitive but there is a great unity between everyone to do there best to make the french leagues great and compete against the other giants of the world.

My team is not the best right now and lacking quality in a few areas but there is a few players that I can build this team around and push for promotion in the seasons to come. The board have a 5 year plan to be a proven prem team and share my ambition to rise to the top. Funds will be made available to strengthen the squad in key areas but I will give every player a chance to show they deserve to wear the shirt.

People might say this is a mistake but what I’ve realised is trying new things sometimes work out for the best and if not you learn from your mistakes and try again.
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