Season 32 Round 35 / 60
Game Time 2023 Dec 07, 02:52 UTC(+00:00)

#2 ⚽ F4 Biweekly ⚽ cocktails, naked ladies & football

Published by   Justin Holden at 2022-06-09 12:30 (1 year ago)

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More than halfway through season 15 now and Jong Ajax finds themselves having to move the goal posts on their first season in division one. It has been a rough season, and at this point, not finishing in dead last looks like the best the club can achieve. Coach Holden predicted that division one would be a rough outing, primarily due to some other managers having a one year head start in building up their clubs.

Jong Ajax recently promoted 19 year old goalkeeper Ayyub Fletcher from their youth academy, and the young player is already on the transfer list. The club did not bother to scout the player, so he could be a five stars learning player for all that anyone knows. But regardless, he won't be playing any matches at Jong Ajax and will be shown the door shortly. Here is why...

Jong Ajax's players had a night out in the city of Amsterdam. It started with a few rounds of bar hopping. The veteran players were ordering their favorite cocktails and pacing themselves while the younger players were participating in drinking contests, which mostly involved taking shots of liquor.

Towards the end of the night, the players split up. Some of the veteran players went home to their wives while others hit up the red light district looking for female companionship. The young players made the mistake of going to a strip club while heavily intoxicated.

Long story short, Ayyub Fletcher was throwing around his entire week's paycheck at the strip club and acting as if this entitled him to push the establishment's boundaries. Accusations came out from one of the strippers and It became a bit of a "me too" situation. Charges are being pressed against Fletcher. Jong Ajax no longer wishes to be associated with him. So, if Fletcher does not receive any transfer bids by the end of this week, he will be released.
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