Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 11:15 UTC(+00:00)

#2 ⚽ F4 monthly ⚽ Jong Ajax season review

Published by   Justin Holden at 2022-06-21 17:44 (2 years ago)

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13th place out of 16. That is what Jong Ajax was able to achieve during their first taste of division one Dutch football. While placing 13th looks like a poor result on paper, there is something to be said of Holden's managerial skills here. Jong Ajax's average player rating was below 50. In fact, Jong Ajax had the lowest average player rating out of any club in division one. Looking at it in this light, perhaps placing 13th isn't bad. While most pundits believed Jong Ajax was the worst division one club, they ended up finishing three spots above dead last in the league table. Jong Ajax's board expected the club to avoid relegation. That was the season objective. In this, Holden appears to have failed. Holden provides additional comments on this season in review for Jong Ajax:

"While I am happy that we achieved some upset results this season, including multiple wins over RC Mechelen, the truth is that we did not belong in division one. I had us playing defensive all season long, usually with a back five and multiple defensive midfielders. Even still, we got whacked 7-0 by Project Nomis and multiple division one clubs beat us 6-0. I am still left wondering how we got beaten so badly in these matches despite the defensive tactics and formations that we used. Obviously, our club lacks roster quality compared to the top division one clubs. But, I was expecting our all out defensive approach to make some of these matches closer than what they ended up being. The silver lining in all of this is that Tegimus confirmed new leagues will be added within the next few seasons. I am really hoping to get out of the Netherlands and start anew with a level playing field to compete against other managers. Ideally in North America!"
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