Season 17 Round 30 / 60
Game Time 2022 Aug 11, 22:56 UTC(+00:00)

Chronicle of M. Buckingham

Published by   Don-x at 2022-07-09 14:48 (1 month ago)

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That name reminded me one of the greatest talent in one other online game i played but unfortunately buckingham will never reach that level in f4.
I decided to take a chance on him as @agrocao and his scouting team failed to convince him to play for them, sitting he was too old to be considered a good player for Sporting lisboa e benfica, thus using their transfer spot to acquire another prospect.
Transfers involve complicated negotiations when mutiple teams vest an interest on a player, there were speculations that a bidding war will surface, but it seems logical that the player want a portuguese club.
After a brief talk with Don-x, it was well known that Naija boyz fc are a favourable destination
Buckingham is happy with the project of don's team, making his final decision was easy
My client has made the right choice today, he has choosen one of the best club in portugal, am proud for him.
to be continued
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