Season 17 Round 30 / 60
Game Time 2022 Aug 11, 23:46 UTC(+00:00)

Chronicle of M.Buckingham S16 (b).

Published by   Don-x at 2022-07-14 18:02 (4 weeks ago)

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After arriving in team training, he quickly made himself popular amoung the players, firstly he sang a new song, few minutes later he took to his feet, his being admired by the older players, they are amazed by buckingham determination, merciless tackling and after 1 training section he has been nicknamed The iron man, that's because of aggression.
Since then buckingham has shown his ability on the 8 reserve matches his has featured, and recently earn himself a league debut today, stepping up at the heart of defence with 35yr old boloc, in our 4-0 win, speaking after the game he thank the manager for having the trust in him, for this great opportunity to step up and show the world what he can do and promise the fans to remain loyal and give his 100% for the club.
»Mushta Buckingham (aka the iron man).
»19yr CB
»14.43, 14 Xp
»Wage $9,025.

88 pot
5 learning
4.5 agg
4.5 leadership
1 flex
3/3.5 foots.
Current training marking, auto training.
Update on S17
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