Season 36 Round 38 / 60
Game Time 2024 Apr 14, 21:30 UTC(+00:00)

eu lidero a liga portuguesa

Published by   Don-x at 2022-09-26 06:35 (1 year ago)

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My worse fears become the greatest memory of my f4 journey, i couldn't imagine how my boys turned from being promotion failures to become the champions of the portuguese top division within 4th season of getting promoted. That night we won the playoff final, i was expecting to be bullied back to where i come from but it was not so, we finished 5th 4th and 3rd in our first three top flight league campaign, this season our target was to finish the imposible 2nd position, i told my players everyday to always tackle easily to avoid injuring my opponents, first match against great stars fc, we gave up two goals to draw the first game of the season, my approach of every match day was playing with youths,That is my philosophy, my system, i played a different lineup in all my fixures this season, it cost us the treble this season but winning the double was a great achievement.
Even in continental tour our Qfinal in 1st season SC speaks volume
Now we need to advance from a CC Group and target NT which has eluded us
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