Season 36 Round 38 / 60
Game Time 2024 Apr 14, 21:49 UTC(+00:00)

Chronicles of M.Buckingham s19

Published by   Don-x at 2022-09-29 08:47 (1 year ago)

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As most of you know this is one of my experiment (using auto training) to train one of the fastest trainee, who has a pot 88, and started his full career at my club as a 19y 14rtg 12xp. So here's my update.
Mr buckingham aka the Iron man, was totally outcasted by my friend who took him on loan, our initial loan agreement was that he will play 60% of games if the team was below top 4. But everyone at the club raise their games and finish runners up, wish left him out of the team.
The manager @chika fujiwara said buckingham was an amazing prospect, who has a bright future and was happy working with him, even though he could only offer him two games.
In agreement @don-x is fine with his development, no need to put pressure on the kid, his on the right path and i like him as a player.
I decide we loan him abroad to AC Ancona @ello will help him gain needed xp and there's also a rumour @ello wants his team mate Yago pasarin.
Lets hope the two help the club ac ancona stay up the table. Goodluck to all parties.
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