Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 10:30 UTC(+00:00)

The second Spanish Treble

Published by   Bamboo at 2022-09-25 17:34 (1 year ago)

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And finally the day came when 100 000 people gathered together to see the "Wild and Rude" Dandy Pirates win the second Spanish treble. Dressed in dandy cloths and stinking "Rum an Vodka", the last game became more than just a tightrope walking through stunned nerves, it became what it should be a tight game ending in
penalties !

The Pirates has in the past been utterly close several times to gain their first Treble, as a matter of fact they had the chance 5 times in the past before this glorious day. Rumors says there will be a Dandy party with free Rum for everyone who can jump on one leg and kick a ball at the same time 100 yards.

The Treble also come when 3 of the most legendary players (some who has been around since season 1) will quiet their career. Raphael Mcleod now 35, was one of the original savages of Dandy Pirates originating form season 1 and with him is Salim Toure now 38 who has also been with us since season 1. Together with Fernando Helan, who showed us this season that he can still pass a empty bottle of Rum winning the League Cup Most Assist , we thank these 3 Pirate heros for making Dandy Pirates what it is today with the following words:

You will never sail alone and may the sea gods bless you on your future adventures.
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