Season 24 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2023 Mar 31, 06:43 UTC(+00:00)

End of an Era

Published by   EiPiX at 2022-09-28 07:43 (6 months ago)

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After 16 seasons, 665 matches, winning 26 thropies most notably raising the Champions Cup 4 times.

AFC Nomis and homegrown child, captain and ambassador of the club ,Khaled El Hassan have announced they will part ways.
Initially thought the press conference would be a retirement announcement but El Hassan made it clear he wants to continue to play at a high level and make as many minutes as possible.

Both club and player agreed that parting ways would be the most logical decision that can be made as Nomis is set to focus on youth as we've seen last season already with El Hassan's playing time being decreased.

Reports suggest that El Hassan is on his way to England and most likely ink a 2 year deal with Super Cup winners Stefan Eleven, funnily enough the last team to beat Nomis on competitive level more then 4 seasons ago.

We wish you all the best Captain El Hassan!
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