Season 36 Round 38 / 60
Game Time 2024 Apr 14, 21:47 UTC(+00:00)

Essex United Season 0.5

Published by   Floyd007 at 2023-01-21 17:43 (1 year ago)

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Finally, i am out of the Hospital (RL issues, not medical in nature) and can look to my next challenge.
OK everyone, who wants to know how i am going to turn around this bottom of bottom club? Good, can you find someone that knows the answer for me? :)
Seriously, this team achieved 3 points from 20 games, and is 15 points from 12th (and getting worse), so no division or sponsor bonus for us this season. (note to Devs, as bottom 4 in div 3 don't get play off games, could they get some league payment?)
I will be using the remainder of this season to get a plan started.

In terms of support staff, We have managed to get 3 coaches to start actual training on the players, as well as a world class scout and physio. This may sound expensive, but their wages are only 130k per round, which is not too bad.

Facilities, we have enough time to build a brand new 5k Stadium (with space to expend), and a basic Youth academy before season tax submissions (if only we could carry losses forward). This will give us 2 quick 19 year olds to assess, and either train, or release for the cash to cover all the building we just did.

Players, ... I don't know where to start. the old manager was not very good at picking them, i can say that much.

GK is not terrible, our best is only 24, with good (4) learning, so will grow into a good Div 3 GK in a couple of seasons. Our back up is fine as a back up.
CB is an issue. We have 1 just about ok CB, but a bad 17 year old (3pot, 1.5 learn, 15 rated), and a terrible 20 year old (5 pot, 3.5 learn, 13 rated) with him. Neither of them are expected to actually become div 3 capable without world class training facilities that (looks out window at empty field) we don't have, yet.
WB is good, 27 and 26 year old that are capable at this level. sadly nothing good enough for back up, and one of the worse players i have every seen on any contract (33y, 12 rated), who will be released as soon as i am allowed.
We have one of the best DM's in the division, even if he is at the end of his career. We do have a younger DM that is looking like he will be even better (22y, 4p 5l, 39 rated), and a 16 year old that might get there (3.5 PandL), so can ignore that position for the moment.
we have 2 top level WM's, one of whom is among the best in Div 3. and a not terrible youngster to train up.
AM is acceptable, not sure about the kid he is mentoring. but enough midfield to fight with most of the division.
our 2 WF's suck. the 19 year is showing no signs of being able to learn (1L), and our 18 year old is not much better (3l, but 20 key stats, and 11xp). We will be sticking with WM's for the time being.
we have a competent 25 year old CF, with decent shooting ability (38), and some potential to grow (5p, 4l), so should be good enough for this division.
the 20 year old CF is incapable of learning(1l), so won't be missed.

In short we need;
a stadium that can pay the bills
an actual youth academy and some form of training centre
the ability to play a back 4
more then 1 attacking player that could hit the broadside of a barn.

Ok, with this press briefing over, if everyone could put the folding chairs on a stand on either side of the room, we need to be out in 15 minutes so the pro wrestlers can set up for tomorrows show, new years resolve. tickets still available for only £5 :) (we may or may not be sponsored by a pro wrestling fed, among others, at the moment)

(part 2,

(p.s, if any new players want to ask questions about my plan or assessments of players please ask)
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