Season 24 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2023 Mar 31, 06:27 UTC(+00:00)

Essex United - Season 1(23)

Published by   Floyd007 at 2023-02-04 11:27 (1 month ago)

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Good morning everyone, feels good to have a room to do this owned by the club.

First off, how did things go end of last season.
We did not make top 12. we got a lot closer then people were expecting, but not quite there.
we built, as you can see (gestures around) a basic stadium, with actual seats for fans to enjoy while watching us, as well as a small building for the kids to pay as a youth team.
We are now staffed with good staff for scouting, keeping players fit, and some level of training, even if they have a field and a small cupboard as a "training centre" right now.

This season, we have several, i think achievable goals.
We are aiming for top 8 in league, but top 6 is quite possible, maybe top 4 if we get a little lucky.
semi of the div 3.11 league cup, and round 3 of the National trophy would be great achievments.
A stronger team then we started with. this includes a couple of releases.

Stadium wise, we believe the construction firms can upgrade us to a 15k stadium as requested, with time for an expansion to the youth academy, and some actual training facilities before the tax deadline :)

On that note, we hired our first new player by transfer market. (Irfan Nastasic).
He already has the skills (46-48) to put him very high on the CB list for this division, just needs more game time to be able to use them.
We also used the loan market, to pick up (Ellery Meler) from the Challengers, who will pair with Irfan to form one of the best CB pairings in this division for this season.
For those wondering about scoring goals instead of just stopping them, i present Servania) from FC Versailles 78. An attacking mid with the exp to rival the best, and skills worthly of a division 1 team. no one with his skills has his exp, making him, for this season, the best AM in this group. So we should be able to cause some issues for other defences as well.

Unless there are any questions, i will see you on the field.

(tip for new players. You can loan up to 2 players at the start of the season. These can be better then yours, allowing you to focus on less 1st team players to save money. i payed then then 5 mil for the 2 for the season, plus wages)
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