Season 26 Round 51 / 60
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GSN: Cool Football Club is Upending English Football

Published by   GSN - Sports Network at 2023-05-05 18:30 (1 month ago)

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The English football league could be in the midst of a major upheaval.
Cool Football Club comfortably won the first division in England, with 11 points separating them from the nearest contender, Hawarden Rangers. CFC’s achievement is marked by a sterling defensive record, having allowed only 8 goals in the entire season.

Their Manager, Kasper A, was quick to show his elation at the clubs’ achievements: “Winning the league title for the first time is a tremendous moment for the club and our supporters. We had to rethink our strategy when we lost the title due to goal difference in season 16 and 17. We chose to be patient with great frustrations among fans but this patience has now finally paid off.

A New Challenger

The English first division has been dominated by two teams in recent history. Classic Orient (7 league trophies) and Stefan Eleven (7 league trophies) have been the only two league champions since season 15, when Gemini Bullets won their only league title. Classic Orient in particular has been exceedingly dominant in recent history, having won 4 consecutive titles from seasons 16 to 19, and 3 more consecutive titles in seasons 22 to 24.

That dominance may be coming to an end though, with Cool Football Club showing they are up to the task of challenging the most successful clubs in England.

Classic Orient finished third in the league and will have to be content playing in the Super Cup next year. Nicholas, the manager of Classic Orient and the architect of their recent dominance, was frank about their underachievement this year.

“Poor squad rotation from me, I am glad to have given some of my younger players much needed experience but I might of missed a few points because of it. Also, my squad has been missing good players in a few positions which has limited my formation options, for a lot of the season I played a 1423 since I had only one center back.” Nicholas also attributed the recent changes in the footballing world and the stronger domestic competition as major factors.

Still Hope for Trophies

Despite the rather unexciting end to the domestic league, several top teams still have a shot at trophies in international and domestic competitions.

Having been eliminated by the Greek team Gemini Bullets in the Champions Cup Semifinal, Classic Orient has one final hope for a trophy when they square off against rival Stefan Eleven FC in the League cup Final. Both teams have a strong history in the competition, with Classic Orient holding 6 trophies and Stefan Eleven with 5.

2nd placed Hawarden Rangers faces off against Walsall Allstars in the National Trophy Final, and will face another English team in the Challengers Trophy final, lining up against Blackburn Gunners.

Cool Football Club is not finished either, with the much-anticipated final Super Cup match versus The Challengers from Netherlands. CFC has won the Super Cup twice in the past, and a victory on Monday would make this season undoubtedly their greatest in club history.
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