Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 05:19 UTC(+00:00)

A Noob's Journey - Season 8

Published by   lee1950 at 2021-11-12 06:26 (3 weeks ago)

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The Big News: Super Cup!!! Spitfires won the Super Cup in their 4th season. That was a huge, lovely shocker. Much of the credit goes to just-retired CF Rabi Nasser who swept up Top Scorer, MVP, and Best Attacker Super Cup honors on his way out of the clubhouse. He will be sorely missed in Season 9. Exciting Finals match vs Kawki 11: clean sheets for both keepers for 120 minutes; then 7 tense rounds of PKs. Best payday ever for the club, with $30M prize and another $5+M in TV, Tix, etc. Nice result for a team that finished 8th in Eng 1.1 last season and 8th again this season.
Congratz to Katuhku for a great match. Also, thanks to Ghislain, Agrochão, and Michel Clements for shout-outs in Global Chat. I still can't convince my PC to let me post in chat. Lucky for all of you, as 'Chatty' is my middle name, lol.

Season 9 expectation:
I can confidently predict we won't repeat our SC win. Scoring will be an issue. Losing Nasser at 35 is bad. I'm replacing his 62 rating/70 Exp with a youngster with 52 rating/38 Exp. (A drop of 1 point in the Starting 11 lineup Rating, and 3 points in XP.) WF Harvey will be 21, and needs the experience to make his 99Pot and 5* Learning skills pay off. Everyone else returns. We'll have 8 starters with 50+ rating, a first for the club. If the defense holds up (only 24 goals allowed in League play), we should avoid relegation. If the defense falters, we may sell some older starters, play a bunch of youngsters and not worry about relegation.

Some numbers:
- #8 in Eng 1.1. Nat Trophy semi-finalist. League Cup semi-finalist. SC champ.
- 50 competitive matches. 26 friendlies. 14-7-9 in League play. 16-1-3 in Cup play.
- first season we paid any profit tax: $1,677,914.
- added 3,934 seats to Spitfire Stadium, one level to the Youth Academy, two levels to the Training Centre and opened the Fan Shop. (29,517 seats, YA-4, TC-7, FS-1)

Ooops! Forgot to copy them before the season ended.
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