Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 04:06 UTC(+00:00)

Braintree Town - Statement for Season 9

Published by   Floyd007 at 2021-11-13 20:39 (3 weeks ago)

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Right everyone, please take a seat.
Quick update this time around. We managed to win the league cup for a second time :), and was close to the top 2 on points this time. something weird happened during pre-season, so we don't know if we will improve this season on the pitch (match engine update), so we are sticking with top 8 sponsor just to be safe. Champions cup will be uphill this season, very strong group.

Player wise: we lost Niyaz, which is a blow to our defense. We expect to concede a few more then the 5 goals we gave away last time. This season, we are losing Saunders (WB), carroll(WM, our assist machine) and Palahornsitat(, our goal scoring machine. We have players to take those spots, but we ain't sure how many will be ready to go next season. We expect we are about to hit a rebuilding phase, transitioning to a new generation.
In terms of buys, we are in an odd place, with several youngesters getting into place, but a notch below those they would replace. We hired Clayton ( as a 1 season cover for AM (and friendly xp generator), but otherwise, we are largely saving money this season, see what kind of world class players become available for next season and on.
Last updated by   Floyd007 at 2021-11-13 20:39 (3 weeks ago)