Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 04:13 UTC(+00:00)

The New Manager Experiment - Part 1

Published by   Fathima at 2021-11-21 12:51 (2 weeks ago)

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Ok, as the title says - I am planning an experiment starting next season.

The goal is to prove myself right, that a new manager starting to play the game can reach the top in no time if they manage all aspects of the game in the best (or closest to the best) possible ways.

It has been 9 seasons since the game has been launched, and there has been plenty of improvement done by tegimus and everyone else working behind this game. This game is constantly evolving, and some things that people who started playing this game early had to struggle with, the new managers don't have to anymore. But I think many still think that those managers who started in Season 1 have/had an unfair advantage because of which they are at the very top now. So the secondary goal of this experiment is to prove them wrong.

Experiment Steps:
I will resign from my current team, and take over a new team in Netherlands on the first day of next season.
I will start building my way up, club facilites, staff and players, just like everyone else have to do when they start their career as a new manager in f4football.

Expected Result:
At the end of 9 seasons (which is end of Season 18), I should have a team that can still challenge for the Champions Cup title which is considered to be the ultimate prize in this game.
And also pick up a couple of other trophies on the way (by the way I have only won 2 trophies in my time here, and finished 2nd in league a few times and runner up in the champions cup once)

So I will be starting to blog whatever I do with my team in this space, atleast twice a season. Hope this series will a good asset for new managers to learn the game and how to go about when they start.

So please follow this space, and do let me know your comments below or in direct chat :)
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