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A rookies reflections - The Rookie Season - Season 9

Published by   Nicolaj Birkholm at 2021-12-14 08:16 (1 month ago)

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So... My first season (i joined 12 games into the season) has Come to an end.

First of All I am really enjoying the game. Behind the somewhat simplistic menus hides an exciting and tactical game, which you can truly dive deeply into. The fast pace of the game, compared to other manager games, is really Nice for someone like me, with limited patience ;)

That being said, What have i done in My first season? What have i learned? What am i going to do?

Before making Any major decisions on behalf of my club, i decided to Explore the forum, and chat a bit with the members of the F4football community. You never really know how People react to a complete noob, asking obvious question, but thankfully this community have a lot of friendly and helpful managers.
The forums have a lot of useful knowledge and insights if you take some time to read discussions and debates on certain topics.
I highly recommend using theese things to plan your first moves as a fresh manager.

The main Thing i learned was to build your Club, SLOWLY... Goes hand in hand with My before mentioned limited patience... Sigh...
Anyhow. Because of that I decided to do absolutely nothing. I hired My staff, got a sponsor, made some tactics signed up for a custom tournament and waited to see how things played out.

I found Myself in a pure bot league, except for one other team. Rather quickly i took My team from 11th to 4th place in the league. Promotion soon became My main goal, as I felt confident in the squad i had been given. My team stumbled in the end and lost some important matches, and having missed the first 12 matches of the season, i now find Myself still in 3rd division.
During this time i had expanded My stadium, training grounds, and built a youth academy, to have a solid foundation. Having missed promotion kinda bummed me out at first, but then i remembered the People telling me to take things SLOWLY.

Reading and learning further from the forums and other managers, i had Come to realize the importance of experience and the hidden values of my players. Not gaininig promotion turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as I have been given time to build and train the squad i want to move forward with.

Through season 10 i Will keep the young core of my squad, and try to sell those older players Who still have some value. The money earned from sales Will be reinvested in young players with good potential and learning, building a young core to build on for the future, and further expanding My faccilities.

Comments, advise, praise or critique of my choices and plans so far Are most welcome!

Nicolaj Birkholm
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