Season 11 Round 17 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jan 25, 01:09 UTC(+00:00)

The New Manager Experiment - Part 2

Published by   Fathima at 2021-12-15 09:20 (1 month ago)

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It's the new season, and I have resigned from my old team and taken charge of a fresh new team. Of course in Netherlands since I consider that to be the toughest league in the game to compete in.
My team will be called "The Challengers", we are going to be real challengers for every trophy very soon 😉

And as promised, I will be writing in this blog series about everything that I do with my team. Hopefully this will become a good asset for reference to new managers in future. So let's get going!

Season Expectations:
We were placed in Netherlands Division 2.3 with a league average rating of 34.67. There are only 4 other human managers in our league so we are going to push for a top 4 finish in the league. And we are the second best team in our league by rating, although rating is not at all a good way to assess a team's strengths. Our goal is to finish 2nd or 3rd in the league (since the team won't be ready for Division 1 for a couple of seasons) and try to get those extra matches from the play-offs (all 5 if we can, and lose the play-off finals to stay down). Those extra matches will bring in more revenue and a nice little experience boost for the players. Also try to get to the final of the League Cup and a good run in the National Trophy for the same reasons mentioned before. The focus will be on maximizing revenue and player experience gains rather than winning matches (although winning will bring in more revenue anyways).

Club Finances:
We had $60 million funds to start with.
We signed contract with a sponsor who gave us $ 7,801,530 upfront and $ 797,489 per round. $ 241,475 will be the win bonus per match and a top 4 finish will guarantee a bonus of $ 34,496,025 at end of season ($ 33,819,633 if we miss out on top 4).
We expect to keep the total wage bill around the per round sponsorship income, so all revenue can be used for development of the club infrastructure and player transfers if any.

Current Bank Balance: $ 67,801,530
Current Wage Bill: $717,263 per round ($800K budgeted, 4 staff hired, $83K remaining to be used for 2 more staff)

Stadium And Development
Expect to build 15000 seats (14+16+19=49 rounds) and Youth academy level 1 (11 rounds) by end of the season. Going for the youth academy after the 15k seats are completed so that I can get my first youth player towards end of next season.
Costs are estimated to be $29,567,639. Maintenance costs will be offset by the revenue generated from the stadium.

To start with I hired a physio rated 99 in physiotherapy, and a scout rated 98 in judging players.
2 coaches hired with Basic Skills: 92, Goalkeeping: 89, Defending: 91 and Fitness 85. Looking for 2 more coaches to cover Attacking and Tactical Training departments.

As every other new team, we started with 21 players. As per first assessment with the scout, we assigned the following roles to them.

Key players - expected to play 90 minutes in every single game possible. They have really low stamina, so will see how it can be managed during the season.
Geno Campos 27 GK
Radhi Howe 28 WB
Lindsay Sulaiman 31 WF
Wendell Jamal 29 WF
Orville Dodd 35 CF

Squad Rotation Players - they will be rotated either with 45 mins in the same match or 90 minutes in alternate matches based on availability of the key players.
  Djalminha Deulofeu 33 CB
  Kermie Preston 25 CB
  Miroslav Jones 25 CB
  Domingo Rafiq 28 WB
  Nasser Roberson 23 AM
  Flynn Haley 30 AM

Potential Stars - these players have huge potential for development. Will try to give maximum game time, whole 90 minutes in every match if possible.
  Dmitri de la Cruz 17 WB
  Sohail Commisso 23 DM
  Will Williamson 17 AM

The remaining 7 players will be used as a backup in case any other player is not available or is low on fitness.

Transfer Plans
Since we are a new team, we have a transfer ban for 7 days which will be lifted in Round 10.
Will try to buy a CF and a DM with good experience this season if the financial profits for the season is more than 5 million (tax free profit).

Other Stuff
We expect to play friendly matches in every single round to maximize the income from them (every single penny counts now). And of course to use 30 of those matches for experience gains for the players.

So that's it for now. Will be back soon with how it is going with our team. Stay posted!
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