Season 11 Round 17 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jan 25, 01:54 UTC(+00:00)

Braintree Town - Statement for Season 10

Published by   Floyd007 at 2021-12-15 22:17 (1 month ago)

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Good afternoon everyone, lets get straight into it.

first, last season we did well in all competitions. 4th in the league, semi in league and national trophy, and the quarter finals on the champions cup.
Sadly we had a few retirements, so we are not expecting to repeat this performance this time around.
Saunders decided to call it a day after being a rock at LB for several seasons. This retirement, combined with several good CB finds, means we have switched to a back 3, but will take a season or 2 to get up to strength.
Clayton retired after finishing his career with us as a backup AM.
our big losses was Brit Carroll, our left mid who just knew how to set up goals, and Pohit Palahornsatit, who was a goal scoring machine (over 50 goals all 3 seasons).
while we are working on finding capable players to fill those spots, it will take time. We honestly expect to drop to super cup next season.

On the upside, several of our youth are getting close to first team ready, so we look like a team that will come back stronger, in 2 seasons.
expect a quiet season of growing and learning from us.
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