Season 32 Round 35 / 60
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Deutsche Avahy - From late start to Super Cup place

Published by   Herr Ademir at 2022-04-17 04:32 (1 year ago)

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I've started to play this game late of season 6. In season 13 for the first time I've got a place in an international tournement. It is not that impressive but I had to defeat some older teams to achieve that.

I think that if I didn't have made some mistakes that I realize now, I could have made this achievement a season or two ago, that is the objective of this blog post, to show up what I think that I did right and wrong in my game strategy.

Choosing a weak league (HIT)

When I started the game, i've choosen the league with less managers, at that time, it was Germany, I thought that was the league where I could reach first level and european competitions soon, for those who are starting now, I think that France and Russia are good options. In England I would have no chance of qualyfing to Super Cup with my actual team.

Hiring proper Staff (HIT)

Hiring a Physio is essential, with a good one, you've almost no injuries, when I see that there are new teams with 7 or 8 injuried players, I know that they haven't hired one, You need to hire 4 trainers to cover 6 habilities, the human resources are half of training efficiency, training center is the another half, players value is where your patrimony is, every team has much more value on their players than in money, so you need to grow your your training efficiency to grow up your patrimony and of course your team's performance.

Copying a tactic (HIT)

When a player starts it is difficult to get how the tatics work, I recomend you to copy a tactic of a top team that fits in your players, I've copied Jon's Paris Saint-Germain F.C. 4-4-2 (diamond) - he uses yet this tactic (at end of season 13), I think it worked well until the current season, when I changed to 4-5-1 with success.

Facilities upgrading (HIT)

Always upgrade facilities, time for upgrading is a very scarce resource in this game, you need to always be upgrading a building, and the buildings that add value to your players are more important than the ones that give you money. So I recomend you to put Youth Academy to lvl 1 to beginning to receive players, and then focus in training centre, youth academy should be your 2nd priority, and stadium your 3rd.

Like I said, your patrimony are your players, not money. This season less than 10% of my income came from my 25,000 stadium

Keeping my young promissor players (HIT)

Some managers give the advice to sell your promissor youngs, since you can't train them well. I disagree, you can hire staff and speed up your training centre development and you will have a decent traning efficience soon.

Today I have Ionel Musharraf (Rating 64)23yo, Martin Brister (Rating 57)29yo, Aqib Shafeeq (Rating 66)23yo, Florent Malouda (Rating 66) 23yo, Zinedine Zidane (Rating 67) 23yo. Half of my team is made of pretty decent players that came with me.

This season(13) I also sold Hershel Musharraf that came with me for 105,000,000

Promoting to Div 1 soon (DUBIOUS)

In my first season I achieved to promote to Div 1, I did not consider the risk of not getting the sponsor bonus for league result (only the first 12 teams of each league get it). I survived the first season in Div 1 (season 7), but got relegated in 13th position at season 8.

Underestimating XP importance (MISTAKE)

In season 8 my team had higher rating average that teams that finished ahead of me in league, but they had higher XP average. I didnt understand the XP importance and of course took transfers decisions only based on rating and price, what I know now it was the reason to my fall on season 8.

Not playing 30 custom matches every season (MISTAKE)

Consequence of last item, I only start to start playing 30 custom matches each season on season 10..

Negligecting tactics (MISTAKE)

After I returned to Germany first level I was stuck in a level where I could beat easily the bottom of the table but can't win against the top, I was comfortable and did not developed my tactic, this season with my old tactic I finished the first half of the championship in 10th, when I had a team to fight for european championship I didn't have a tactic for it.

Not loaning out players (MISTAKE)

When you loan out a player, he gets the XP of all your matches of a season it is a very powerful boost to an unexperienced player, if the market does not want your youths, try to fix a loan with your friends, I've only loaned out a player in season 12, and only in current season I've loaned out 2 players.

Inflating my Squad (MISTAKE)

This season I decided to have 11 youths playing in my reserves team, huge mistake, their XP gains are miserable this way, if you have 2 loans out, all you need is 9 youths for future replacement and 4 experienced players helping them to get XP.

Summing up, I think that I had a good rating and strucutural development, but I've failed in XP management, if I would have done everything right since the beggining, I think that now I could be the 6th most powerful team in Germany, and have a team to reach to the Super Cup playoffs.

Sorry for my grammar i've never writed a so long text in English, any advice that you have for my blog I will appreciate.
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