Season 32 Round 35 / 60
Game Time 2023 Dec 07, 03:51 UTC(+00:00)

A New Beginning

Published by   元気 at 2022-04-22 18:09 (1 year ago)

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Union Omaha has been my crown jewel in my life for this game, and I've had so much fun nurturing them and taking care of them. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck actually building something impressive with the team, but let's hope that something happens soon!

Therefore, I am here to propose the future for my time in this game. Here are a few things I hope to achieve before I depart for the "New Beginning":

- 1) Win the French National Trophy once again. We had our Leicester story way long ago, and that was the only time we were able to win it. So if we manage to win it once more, I'll count that as a massive win!

- 2) Finish in the top 2 of the French Division 1.1. The highest position we've achieved is 4th in our entire history, so a top 2 win would definitely leave a smile on my face. To win the league will be unforgettable!

- 3) Reach the Final of the Super Cup. The furthest we made it was the Semi-Final in our 3rd attempt also way long ago, but I think that must have been a fluke. So we hope to make history and make it to the final to really cement our names in our history, especially since French teams have struggled to perform in the Super Cup. To win it will be a dream come true!

- 4) Reach the top 8 of the Champions Cup. So far, our journey in the Champions Cup has been nothing but pain and heartache. It is also clear that we don't have the infrastructure to really be a big club, and that has shown time and time again ever since Season 1. But I hope that at some point we'll fight our way to the Top 8 in the Champions Cup, which will be a true achievement. To go anywhere past that will be an absolute miracle!

I'm going to give myself exactly 2 years or so from when I first joined F4Football to achieve my goals as well as I can, 31 March 2023. Once that deadline comes up, based on how well I've achieved my goals, I'm going to decide whether to stay with Union Omaha or start my "New Beginning".

What is this "New Beginning" you may ask? Well, that is something you'll have to wait for the next blog article. But I'm here to tell you it will be something very unexpected and something I have been planning for a few months now. :)

Until then!
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