Season 32 Round 35 / 60
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The New Manager Experiment - Part 8

Published by   Fathima at 2022-04-26 09:17 (1 year ago)

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So to all of you who have been following my blog series, I am continuing to write up after a one-season break due to hectic schedule in real life. I was still able to log on and play f4football regularly but couldn't find time or the right frame of mind to write a blog article.

As per the season expectations in my previous article, our team The Challengers managed to stay up in the Netherlands top division. And we stayed up the next season too. And here we are, aiming to do it again in the third consecutive season.

Season Expectations

Season 13 was an amazing one for our club and players. We made some good improvements to the squad and the bank balance.
In Season 14, our primary aim is to stay clear of relegation and try to push for a super cup spot if we can. A decent run in the National Trophy and League Cup will be the secondary targets.

Club Finances and Infrastructure

After completing 35K seats in our stadium, we turned our focus on developing the club's training centre. While writing this, we have a Training centre of Level 4, Youth Academy of Level 3 and a stadium capacity of 37,772 seats. We are planning to improve the training centre all the way upto Level 8 this season.

We started Season 14 with a bank balance of $ 136,821,485. $ 40,731,502 was spent on snapping up a 22 yr old young promising WB from the teamless transfer market, but we already compensated for that by selling 2 players for a net of more than $37 million. We are on the lookout for a decent central midfielder to replace Chris Kameni as he is getting older. So another transfer spend of around $50 million is planned in the books, but most of it will be compensated by sales of 2 very young by not-so-great players promoted from our youth academy. We expect to finish this season on a loss in the books, in an attempt to bring down the bank balance close to the $100 million mark to cut down on fortune taxes.

Squad Overview

As in previous seasons, we are developing 3 youth players -  Habib Barkat (20 yr old CB), Gayle Agostinho (22 yr old WB which we bought this season) and Will Williamson(21 yr old AM).
Two players who are close to making it into the first team are out on loan - CB Paolo Henly and WB Dmitri de la Cruz who will hit the 50 rating/50 xp mark by end of this season.

That's all for this short update on the club whereabouts. Will come back with the next episode soon, so stay tuned.
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