Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 05:01 UTC(+00:00)

Game Update - Staff Contract Offers

Published at 2021-05-29 07:42
We have been working on it for quite sometime, and finally it is time to announce the major overhaul in the staff contract offer procedures.

Currently, you would offer contract to an unemployed staff, and if there are more than one team offering contracts to the same staff, it is the staff who decided which team to join. That decision was based on multiple factors including the manager's rating, team rating, number of players and staff currently at the club, and a small random factor as usual. But more often than not, we have received complaints that it looked "completely random", and many managers got frustrated after failing to sign the staff they wanted multiple times in succession. It was perceived that there was no control for the managers over the staff's decision and many demanded a change.

So we have brought about a major change in how the system works. And here is how:

1. Similar to the transfer amount bidding during player transfers, now you have to specify the wages that you are ready to pay the staff when you offer him a contract.
2. Every staff will expect a minimum wages in the contract, which you have to meet in the initial offer.
3. The offer will stand for 12 hours and the staff will join your team if no one else makes a better offer.
4. If someone else makes a better offer of wages, the deadline is moved to 12 hours from the time the new offer was made. Similarly each new offer will move the deadline further.
5. You have to bid at least 10% more than the current highest offer if you are trying to place a new bid on any staff.
6. Your board will keep a certain limit on the maximum wage you can offer for a staff, this is based on the team's current available balance. A team with more money in the bank will be able to offer a higher wage contract.
7. At the end of the deadline, the staff will join the team offering the highest wage contract immediately.
8. At any time during the process, you can withdraw your offer for the staff, ONLY IF your offer is not the current highest offer.

Hope this change gives managers more control over signing staff they desperately want.
But keep an eye on your finances and do your math properly before going all-in with your offers and offering the maximum that your board allows. It might break your bank eventually.

And further good news, we are on the verge of making a similar change to the player loan system too. Expect it in Season 4 if everything goes well!