Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 04:14 UTC(+00:00)

Game Update - Changes for Season 4

Published at 2021-06-04 16:59
As usual we continue to improve the game with every season. After the major rework regarding staff contract offers implemented during mid-season in Season 3, we are pleased to announce more changes that are going to be effective from Season 4.

1. The maximum limit for the number of staff members that can be hired by a team is increased from 5 to 6.
2. The number of custom matches that can give your players experience gains, has been raised from 10 to 20 per season. As before, the first 20 matches every season are selected for experience gains by default, but you can turn gaining on/off from your Custom Matches page.
3. The user interface for creating, saving and loading line up and tactics has been improved a lot, and further improvements will be rolled out during Season 4.
4. Now you can select one of the tactics to be used always for custom matches. Hope this solves the issue of needing to log in between a regular match and a custom match to change tactics.
5. You cannot sell retiring players any more after one-thirds of the season is over. Listing retiring players for sale and making purchase bids for retiring players already listed will not be allowed by the system. However, the bidding process will still continue for players already having bids before this deadline.
6. You cannot loan players to another club after one-thirds of the season is over. Listing players for loan and making loan bids will be automatically stopped by the system, but all players already having bids will continue receiving new bids and will move on loan after the bid deadline as usual.
7. You cannot scout a player from another team that plays from the same network or IP address anymore. This is another anti-cheating measure introduced to ensure fair play.
8. All managers will get a report of their finances for the previous season including taxes paid out as a notification when the new season starts. This will help them to keep a record of past season's financial performance.

And a whole lot of changes are planned during Season 4 too, the story never ends!