Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 03:44 UTC(+00:00)

Game Update - Two Major Changes

Published at 2021-06-06 19:20
We had assured you that there are more updates to come during Season 4, and here are the first two within a day into the new season!

Well, these were actually planned to be introduced during the season change, but tight schedule did not allow us to properly test it and roll it out.
So we decided to hold it back a bit, and now we think it is really ready and safe to push it into the live game.
Here are the changes:

1. Physio role in regaining fitness

Till now, every player regained 0.5 fitness every 30 minutes regardless of the quality of the team's physio. That model has been scrapped and the physio will now play a pivotal role in determining whether your players will be fully fit in time for the next match.

Players will still regain fitness every half an hour, but the fitness points they gain back will now depend on the Physiotherapy attribute of your physio. Higher rated physios will give you more fitness gain.
And the role of your physios in determining number of injuries and length of injuries remains untouched, those will continue as it is. Also the fitness that you get back if you rest your players during the training sessions will continue to depend on your physio and the Medical centre, both contributing 50% to the fitness gained back.

2. Specifying the type of matches a particular In-Game Tactical Change will be used for

Since we decided to increase the number of custom matches that gives your players experience, it was more important to let users set up their team's tactics without the need to login more than once a round. As you would have already noticed, now you can select one of your saved lineup and tactics to be used for all of your Custom Matches, but in addition to that now you can determine which of your In-Game changes will be active and triggered during your matches based on the match type.

In the In-Game Changes page, when you are creating a new set of changes to happen during your match, now you can choose whether it should be used for Regular matches only, Custom Matches only, or all of your matches. Only the ones that are meant for a particular type of match will be used during that match, so you don't have to worry about changing them or making them Active/Inactive before every match anymore. The type of matches a particular set of In-Game changes will be used will be indicated by [A],[R] or [C] before it's name in the list of changes so you can easy identify them.

Feel free to ask in the forums as usual if you have any sort of questions.
And finally, wish you all a successful new season!