Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 05:17 UTC(+00:00)

Game Update - Changes for Season 5

Published at 2021-07-04 05:55
As some of you might already know, there are major changes planned for the loan system and will be effective from start of Season 5. There are some other updates too, as listed below.

1. Changes to Loan system
- Loan bids now involve a "signing fee", and the team that offered the highest "signing fee" will get the player on loan until end of the season.
- The minimum "signing fee" that you can bid will be 2% of the player's current value, or 5% above the current highest bid, whichever is higher.
- Similar to staff contract offers, your team's board will limit the maximum "signing fee" that you can bid, based on your current available bank balance.
- The current limits of maximum two players out and two players in on loan for a team will remain as it is.
- Teams who signed a player on loan gets 2.5% of the "signing fee" back for every match the player plays in, including custom matches for which experience gains are enabled.
- Players going on loan to another team will still train with their own teams. The manager of their own team will decide what attribute to train and the training efficiency will be determined by the coaches and training centre at the player's own team.
- Player wages will be borne by the team who loaned in the player, and if necessary the player can be sent back to his own team after 14 days of signing him.

2. Restrictions on loans and transfer of retiring players
- Loan deals are only possible before one-thirds of the season is over. After that, all players listed for loan will be removed from the transfer market. However if they already have bids, then the bidding process will continue as usual.
- Retiring players can no longer be released from a team after one-thirds of the season has progressed.
- You cannot buy/sell retiring players after one-thirds of the season has progressed. Retiring players listed for sale and do not have bids will be removed from the transfer list after that.

3. Quality of Staff
- All newly generated staff will now have at least one attribute above 75. This will hopefully solve the current scenario where most of the staff generated are not needed by any teams.

And finally, good luck to all of you in Season 5! Hope you are enjoying the game.