Season 9 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2021 Dec 09, 04:04 UTC(+00:00)

Game Update - Changes for Season 6

Published at 2021-08-03 12:06
As announced before on the forums, we have some major changes going into the new season. Some of them will have a major impact on how games are played, and how tactics and formations will work!

1. New Position - WM (Wide Midfielder)
The new WM position will be introduced for players from next season, and this will change the whole outlook of midfield in your lineup/formation.
WMs are players who play in wide areas of your midfield. Currently AMs and DMs could also be used as wide players, but with the introduction of the new position, they will get limited to more central roles only and will invite positional penalties when deployed wide. And WMs will take over that role of playing wide in the midfield. The key attributes for a WM will be Passing, Dribbling and Marking.

2. Converting Existing Players to WM
For existing teams to cope with the introduction of the new position, converting some of the existing players to the new WM position will be allowed until end of Season 6. This option will be available for all teams that have a human manager when the current season (Season 5) ends.

- Players who currently have the position of WB, DM, AM or WF can be converted to the new WM position.
- You can convert up to a maximum of 3 players, this includes players bought or promoted from the youth academy.

In the player information page, all players that can be converted to a WM will have a button "Convert to WM" which can be used for this conversion. Clicking that button will bring up a popup with the conversion details and upon confirmation, the position of the player will be changed.

When you convert a player to WM, his rating will be adjusted to reflect his key attributes needed by that position. The player value will also change.
You can view what the new rating and value of the player will be after the conversion in the "Convert to WM" popup, so that you can have a look at it before confirming the change of position.

3. Bot teams and teamless players
Bot teams will convert some of their players to WMs automatically.
Some of the teamless players having positions of WB, DM, AM or WF will also be converted to WMs so that there won't be scarcity of WMs among teamless players.

Hope we have a smooth transition into this big update!