Season 16 Round 8 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jun 29, 18:10 UTC(+00:00)

Changes For Season 9

Published at 2021-11-12 10:20
This was already announced in the forums, but since we are concerned that some of you might have seen not this yet, we are announcing this again.

New Match Simulator
A major update to the match engine is ready to be launched, which we hope will bring more accurate simulations. We had a few managers exploit some loopholes that the game had before, and all these have been fixed in the new version. Also a few bugs related to set piece simulations, playstyles etc. are taken care of. And finally the commentary is more detailed to give you more insights so that you can reflect on your team's performance in every match deeper.

Loan System Changes
Loans were an area of concern right from season 1. Lots of managers were complaining of other teams taking their players on loan and not playing them in matches, which affected those players' experience due to lack of match time. We made an effort to fix this a couple of few seasons back by introducing loan fee repayments for teams that use those players in matches, but that too didn't actually solve that problem.

From next season, the loan repayments will be stopped completely. So the signing-on fee that you spend for a player to loan him is non-recoverable now like it was before. Instead, the experience that the player gains will be directly linked to his own team's matches instead of the matches he plays on loan. So from every match that his own team plays (regular or custom), the players on loan from that team will also gain experience equal to the average experience gained by players of that team during that match. It seems a bit more unrealistic but will solve all major concerns related to the loan system, and hopefully teams will be encouraged to send more players on loan helping new users a lot.

Another slight change is that the fitness gain of players on loan will be now linked to the physio of team that he is playing at, instead of his own team's physio. Training will still continue to be at the player's own club.