Season 16 Round 8 / 60
Game Time 2022 Jun 29, 19:22 UTC(+00:00)

Changes For Season 10

Published at 2021-12-10 09:58
Below are the planned changes for Season 10. There are a few minor improvements for the match engine, some are already rolled out and some will be rolled out at season change, but nothing major to be detailed.

Sponsor System Update

Currently the sponsor payments are "all or nothing" based on the goals you choose. This will be dropped and a new sponsor selection process will be implemented.
This will enable teams to get slightly more money from the sponsors if they achieve more than their expectations, and not lose everything if they perform below the expectations.
Instead of choosing goals, sponsors will now offer contracts based on your team rating and the average rating for your league. You can choose the best offer based on what you expect your team to achieve for the season.

Sponsor payments will also be made in round 50 (instead of round 60) so teams will have more time to spend those funds before end of season if they want to.

In-Game Changes: Substitutions

The option to take out least fit/least performing players in each row will be improved to include wide players and central players separately.
The current system was designed before the new position of WM was introduced, and needs to be updated to consider the revised positional penalties of midfield positions.

The auto-select substitute option will also be improved to make sure the player with the least penalty comes in place of the subbed out player in case there are no matching replacements available.

Changes for new teams

New teams will have $60 million to spend (instead of the current $75 million) when a new manager takes control of the team. This will deter attempts of cheating a bit more by trying to have a new team just to use transfers as a way of moving money to another team. We are also working on a system to gradually inject the starting money into a new team rather than paying all of that upfront, the details of this will be announced at a later time.

Sponsor contract offers will be adjusted a bit so that weaker teams have lower expectations which are easier to achieve for them, so that they can earn the same sponsorship bonuses by achieving lesser goals as compared to stronger teams in their division. This will enable smaller team to catchup financially with others in their division, and also reward those who get promoted a bit more instead of trying to camp in a lower division.

The time period after which a new manager can resign from a team will also be increased to 28 days (instead of the current 7 days) to stop them from changing teams frequently.

Knockout Stage draws in competitions

Draws for the knockout stage in competitions immediately following a group stage has been updated so that teams from the same group do not play each other again. This will apply for all regular and custom competitions.
Teams finishing top of the group will now face the teams qualified with the lowest position in their groups. For example in the Champions Cup where two teams qualify from each group, group winners will always play runner ups from other groups. In competitions where 3 teams qualify from each group, 1st placed teams will play 3rd placed teams and 2nd placed teams will play 2nd placed teams, and so on.

And as usual, please feel free to discuss in the forums if you have any suggestions or concerns about these changes.