Season 20 Round 54 / 60
Game Time 2022 Nov 27, 19:10 UTC(+00:00)

Changes To Teamless Transfer Market

Published at 2022-04-09 07:01
As many of you have voiced concerns over the teamless players and their transfers in the near past, a lot of massive changes have been done to how the teamless market works in the game. The new update will be rolled on at season-change and the new system will be effective starting Season 14. Here are all the details that you need to know about the update.

Teamless players will now be NOT available for purchase immediately after they are released from a team. They will show up on the transfer market randomly over time (similar to the release of new staff into the market). So users will have to be on the lookout for teamless players constantly on the market to spot new ones being available for purchase.

All hidden attributes of a teamless player will be completely randomized when he becomes available for purchase on the transfer market. The other attributes will also be adjusted if needed so that the quality and experience of teamless players available on the market are restricted to a certain band.

There will be NO bidding on teamless players anymore, and a teamless player can be signed immediately from the transfer market by paying 80% of his value as purchase price.

Scouting of teamless players will be worth more now than in the current system since you can purchase the player immediately after scouting before anyone else scouts him. The scouting fee of a player who is not owned by your team has also been increased from $200K to $250K (this applies to all players and not just teamless players).

Hope this solves the current issues with the teamless market to the maximum extent. We have tried to close all doors for cheating in the new system, however please feel free to report if you think somebody is trying to bend it in favour of them. Also all feedback and suggestions are welcome on the forums if you feel something needs to be discussed regarding these changes.