Season 24 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2023 Mar 31, 07:23 UTC(+00:00)

Option To Change Leagues

Published at 2022-07-27 08:08
As you might already know, we are planning to introduce new countries and leagues in the game very soon. To go along with that, we have now decided to entertain requests from managers to move their teams from the current league they are playing in to another country. You can either request for a country change right away which will happen at the next season change, or you can wait until a new country's leagues are introduced in a few seasons. So if you are one of those who wanted to move to a different country for any reason, here are the details on how you could do that from now onwards.

How to request for a country change?
For the time being, you have to raise a support request from the Support Centre under the General Category, and mention the country that you want to move to and a short description of why you want to move. An admin will then go through the request and approve it. This is a manual process now, but we will be automating the whole process very soon.

When will the move happen?
All approved requests for country change will be applied during the next season change. If you wish to have your team moved to another country for the next season, then you should place a request before Round 59 of the current season ends. Any move requests received during the last round of a season will be declined.

Which division will I move to in my new country?
Your team will - by default - take the place of a bot team in the highest division of the country that you are moving to. But if you wish to move to a lower division, you can mention that in the request and we will place you in a lower division instead. If there are no bot teams available in the division you are supposed to move to, then you will be moved to the next lower division instead. And in case there are no bot teams left in the country at all, then the move will be cancelled.
If there are multiple teams requesting for a move to the same country, then priority will be given to the team that made the request first. For example if Team A and Team B both make a request to move to Country XYZ, and both wanted to move to the Division 1, if there is only one bot team spot in the Division 1 of XYZ during season change then the team requesting for the move first will go to top division and the other team will go to Division 2.

Will my team's squad and facilities be the same as before the move?
Yes. Your team will be moved as it is with all your players, club facilities and bank balance untouched.
If you wanted to start fresh from scratch again, then you don't need to request for a move. You can resign from your current team from your Profile and take charge of a new team in the desired country instead.

Will all teams be allowed to move? Are there any restrictions?
Your request will be approved only if you have been at least 28 days at your current club. Once you move to a new country then you cannot move again until you have played 3 full seasons in your new country.

Hope that's all the information that you wanted to know. Please use the forums for further discussions on the topic.