Season 38 Round 1 / 60
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Global Player Awards Announced

Published at 2022-12-27 12:00

The most prestigious awards for football players - the F4Football Global Player Awards are announced!

These awards are based on the performances of players in the top division league competitions in every country in the game. The following players were handed out the awards for Season 21.

Top Goalscorer
Full Name   Eiður Guðjohnsen  
Team   Deutsche Avahy
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Herr Ademir
Performance 89 goals
Most Assists
Full Name   Adam Stanko(L)  
Team   Dragon Riders
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Raderian
Performance 72 assists
Most Valuable Player
Full Name   Romelu Barroso  
Team   Sporting Canaries
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Rayo Pridestock
Performance 18 moms
Best Goalkeeper
Full Name   Miko Iino  
Team   Great stars Fc
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Chika Fujiwara
Performance 62.22
Best Defender
Full Name   Edinho  
Team   flusao
League   Division 1.1
Manager   leonardoc33
Performance 81.35
Best Midfielder
Full Name   Jason Torres  
Team   Dynamo Maykop
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Alex Shapov
Performance 90.42
Best Attacker
Full Name   Robert Boukari  
Team   Dynamo Maykop
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Alex Shapov
Performance 90.29
Best Youth Player
Full Name   Franklin Boselli  
Team   Matlock Town
League   Division 1.1
Manager   Bill Beaver
Performance 70.09

And congratulations for all the managers of these players for bringing the best out of these players. Hope they can continue their performances in future and lead their clubs to success.