Season 36 Round 38 / 60
Game Time 2024 Apr 14, 21:12 UTC(+00:00)

Changes For Season 29

Published at 2023-07-21 06:42
There were a lot of exclusive features that we had announced for F4Football Plus members, and most of them are already implemented and available. We are now happy to announce that the last two features in that list is also successfully implemented now, and will be available to our Plus members from next season. But this is not the end of anything, we will keep working on improving the game continuously as usual and add/update more features for both our paying and non-paying users in future.

Selecting Tactics and In-Game Changes for a match in advance

F4Football Plus members will now be able to select a saved "line-up and tactics" and an "in-game changes group" for a match up to 5 days (120 hours) in advance. This should cover up to 10 rounds of a season and potentially 20 matches. We had earlier announced we would allow up to 7 days in advance, but we feel that might be a bit too long and promote inactivity, but this can be revised in the future if we feel it is absolutely necessary. There is also the possibility of players getting injured/suspended etc. which can also lead to undesired consequences, so making the window too long is not deemed good.

A new "Options" tab will be available in the "Match Preview" page, where you can select one of your saved tactics and/or an in-game changes group for the given match. These options can be selected for each match independently from the "Match Preview" page of that particular match. You can always change this anytime before the match is simulated. If no options were selected, the default tactics and all active in-game changes will be loaded as usual. However, if the selected saved tactics was deleted before the match is simulated, then it will default to the tactics currently loaded in your "Tactics" page. Similarly, if the selected in-game changes group was deleted, then all the active in-game changes will be used during the match.

In case of custom matches (friendlies, custom tournaments), this feature will be available for all regardless of whether you are a Plus member or not. All users can select their tactics in advance for a custom match up to 5 days in advance. The current option of "Custom Match Tactics" which was available in the Tactics page will be removed, and you will now have to use the "Match Preview" page to set tactics for custom matches too in advance.

Hall Of Fame

You will now be able to show off your club legends of the past in a new "Hall Of Fame" section in your Team Profile page. You need to be a Plus member to edit the list, and the "Hall Of Fame" tab will be shown in the Team page only while you are a Plus member. However, all entries currently on the list will be retained even if your membership expires, and will be available to you in tact when you become a member again. You can add up to 25 past players to the Hall Of Fame list who meets the below criteria:

1. Player should be owned by your team currently to be added to Hall Of Fame. You cannot add him if he has already retired or sold to another club.
(This rule will be exempted for the first season since many users might want some of their old players in the list. You can send us a request manually during Season 29 through a support ticket to do this, even if you are not a Plus member, but the list will not be displayed on your Team page until you become a member)
2. Player should have played at least 100 competitive matches for your club

And since all of the previously announced features are now available, we will stop the 5 coins discount on Plus membership starting Season 29. 30 days subscription for the F4Football Plus membership will now cost 25 coins instead of 20, so extend your membership while the discount lasts.