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Virtualdoria - First season - first steps and results

Published by   DarthCloud at 2022-04-17 16:44 (1 year ago)

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I think that, for once in a browser game, i got lucky on the first team assignment.
Got directly in Division 2 and with a team quite strong and with the right players in mostly of the right places.
On first impression I thought that this first season could be mainly of apprentice, so I choose a sponsor who gives the most upfront and per round, ignoring the others, who maybe gives more based on results.

1st season: current
2nd season - 1st approach in Division 1

Following Fathima advice on her "challenge" I assigned a category on each one of my player (Key, Rotation, Youth, Backup) and choose my tactics accordingly.

My best player, Perez is a 38yo CF, so my first and atm only trade was a young CF, Argila, who maybe, in time, can be a replacement for Perez.
I tried to make my "Youth" play all the official matches to give them most of the XP and, quite surprisingly, results are immediately given.
During the season, at least when I understand how tactics works :), I built 3 teams, one for official matches in league with youth players, one for official matches who need to be played at full force and one only for reserve teams.
Using this schema i always had all my players with full morale/stamina.
I put 2 of my players (1 key player but 33yo and one AM who I don't need) on transfer, the 33yo left the team during round 53 giving 23M on my poor finance

The first thing I did was to immediately search for staff.
And in a few days the staff was complete:
Haedo Larsson 42 $ 22,651 Coach 38 97 60 10 33 15 34 23
Kei Rafiq 46 $ 37,092 Coach 30 24 96 43 52 70 11 15
Shabeer Hess 42 $ 38,602 Coach 12 41 45 96 66 42 14 39
Linoel Ryan 48 $ 27,449 Coach 96 39 48 24 67 28 26 38
Mario Berger 49 $ 21,063 Scout 25 32 25 11 18 31 98 24
Keene Khan 48 $ 19,594 Physio 28 12 31 26 20 18 18 96

My search was focused on monoskill, at that times I wasn't aware of how the transfer market works so I was reading and try to search a good fit for my team, in skill and money needed :)
After this season, however, i can say that my initial choice was right.

In order i built:
- Youth Academy Lv1
- Stadium 5000 seats
- Stadium 5000 seats
- Training Centre Lv1
- Training Centre Lv2
- Training Centre Lv3 - actually in progress and will finish on R.58
- next will be Training Centre Lv

With 10000 seats in Div2 was receiving about 400000 per home match, and with training centre at Lv3, I had this efficiency
Training Efficiency
Basic Skills 53.11
Goalkeeping 53.58
Defending 53.33
Attacking 52.87
Tactics 36.85
Fitness 38.65

I'm currently awaiting my first youth from academy, who will pop out on S14 r.11

In r.54, my best trainee, Zaf Kocsis, got up by 45 p.ts, from a rtg of 14.35 to a rtg of 21.75.
I'm also quite proud of Rosendo Navaz, 21yo, who started with a rtg of 36.09 and got quite near 40 on this final stretch.
He will surely be on of the totem for the seasons to come.

Well, this season proven to be entusiastic, with 3 loss National Trophy round 7, League Cup - sadly - Final and one match in League that got reserve tactic by mistake.
During the second half of the season I started to give an eye on Italian Division 1 Team and started to think: "Wow, what's better? Go up on Div1 and take some beating from everyone or maybe lose some matches here and stay one or 2 season in Div2?"
I decided to get up on Div.1, I'm sure that next season any place other than the last will be a great and very difficult achiviement but who cares? I'm here to dance so we will dance :)
And if we will relegate, we will do it with honor and a smile :)
But for the moment let's concentrate on this season.
We finished 1st on Division 2.2, 8 p.ts ahead on the second, 28W-1D-1L.
In National Trophy we faced one Division 1 team on Round 6 and won a very difficult match. In round 7 we faced another Division 1 team and this time we had no lucky
In League Cup we beat every team until the Final, when we faced Lokomotiv Inter and his manager Skapestrato (1W-1D in League) and he beat me, congratulations to him and his victory!

With the expense for my young CF, $ 49,400,868, I got all this season my net profit/loss in red zone, but results, sponsorships and the transfer of my WB Percy Mubarak got my finance in green zone:
As you can see I put a fair amount of money on scouting, searching for a player that will fit my team. The research for Argila was quite long :)

Category Amount
Ticket Sales $ 19,601,980
Team Merchandise $ 2,865,720
Advertising $ 812,379
TV Coverage $ 603,738
Sponsorship $ 89,631,502
Prize Money $ 13,000,000
Player Sales $ 26,360,826
Total Income $ 152,876,145

Category Amount
Wages $ -44,208,181
Stadium & Facilities $ -24,401,444
Fees & Compensations $ -527,217
Player Purchases $ -49,400,868
Player Loans $ 0
Player Scouting $ -5,400,000
Total Expenses $ -123,937,710

Next season
Next season we will try to not be relegated from Div. 1, to reach this difficult achievement we will surely monitor the transfer market in search of players who can be immediately useful and will monitor also the loan market (CB and WM with a rtg > 40 are my top priorities)
Regarding facilities, we will take the stadium up by 10000 further seats, give 1 or 2 level on Training centre and maybe 1 or 2 level on youth academy.

Sorry for this first and very long post, hope this "chronicle" can be useful for newbies like me!
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