Season 20 Round 54 / 60
Game Time 2022 Nov 27, 18:12 UTC(+00:00)

Updates To Loan System

Published at 2022-01-25 13:24
Well, it is not a major update but important nevertheless! Some of you were complaining about players sent back from loan early or players returning from loan due to a manager resigning.

Experience Gains

Players who were sent on loan will now continue to gain experience even if they return to their own clubs before the end of the season.
This was the major concern for many users as the players stopped gaining experience previously once they returned from loan. This change is meant to address that issue.

Sending players back from loan

Players can be sent back from loan only after two-thirds of the season is complete.
Previously it was a 14 day period which was enforced before the player could be sent back to his own club. This is now changed to a fixed round deadline regardless of the round in which the loan deal started.

As before, players on loan still cannot be recalled by their own teams, as it is more important for the club who loaned the player to decide if they want him to stay or not. Own clubs can still contact the player's current club and request them to return the player after two-thirds of the season, but the decision is solely at the discretion of the manager of the club who loaned the player.

Loaning players who are on a transfer ban

Previously, it was not allowed to loan list a player who was recently purchased and has a transfer ban. Listing the player for loan was only possible after this transfer ban period was over.
We received many complains about this issue since many users wanted to loan their players who were purchased close to end of season, at the start of the next season. Since we felt that this was indeed a genuine issue, it is now possible to loan list a player regardless of whether he has a transfer ban or not.

Finally, we have included a new section in the advanced tutorial summarizing all that you needed to know about loan deals. Please have a read.
Advanced Tutorial - Players - Players On Loan